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Air Ambulance: Rescuer or Rescuee?
What air carrier charges more than $35,000 for a 20-minute trip across town and yet has a growing number of people seeking its services?
The ICC from A to Z
Without exaggeration, the mother of all federal regulatory programs has got to be the Act to Regulate Commerce1 and its progeny, the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC). Spanning the centuries from 1887, the institution withstood more than 100 years of changing times to 1995 and now resides post-sunset within the Surface Transportation Board and the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Recent Regulatory and Legislative Developments Involving Transportation of Crude Oil and Hazardous Commodities by Rail
Federal regulatory agencies continue to grapple with issues relating to transportation of crude oil and hazardous materials by rail. The subject of transportation of hazardous commodities has always attracted interest from members of Congress, states, and the public, but this interest has increased in recent years.
Proposed Rules for Small, Unmanned Aircraft Systems
On Feb. 15, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proposed regulations addressing the operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), certification of their operators, registration, and display of registration markings. These regulations would eliminate the need for an airworthiness certification and prohibit UAS from posing a danger to the National Airspace System.
Avenues to Foreign Investment in China’s Shipping Industry
Have Lease Financing Arrangements and the Free Trade Zones Opened Markets for Foreign Non-Bank Investment?
A Brief Flight Through Federal Airport Law
In a recent interview in The Federal Lawyer, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport’s general counsel, Elaine Flud Rodriguez, estimated that approximately 100 lawyers specialize in airport law ...
By sharing your message through new media, traditional media can pick up your story. We have found that a little effort and planning can create a huge impact.
Moving the World: Transportation Law
During one of my recent mountain bike rides, I was listening to the U2 song “Every Breaking Wave”—off their Songs of Innocence album—in which Bono sings, “Every sailor knows that the sea is a friend made enemy.”