News From the FBA
  • Supreme Court Preview

    The Supreme Court’s November sitting features ten cases set for oral argument. Virtually all of the scheduled arguments are in cases where seemingly technical disputes mask profound national policy debates.
  • A Guide to the Federal Magistrate Judge System

    There are currently 531 full-time Magistrate Judges in the United States District Courts. Among their many responsibilities, Magistrate Judges conduct mediations, resolve discovery disputes, and decide a wide variety of motions. This white paper explores the importance of this critical position.
  • On Topic: Judge Gelpi Discusses the Federal Bar Association

    U.S. District Judge Gustavo Gelpi, Jr., is the first Article III federal judge to serve as president of the Federal Bar Association. In a new “On Topic” audio interview, he explains the association’s role in defending federal courts.

The Federal Lawyer
  • Current Judicial Profiles

    The Federal Lawyer has an index of featured Judicial Profiles from previous issues. These profiles are available to members only.


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