Law Student Rates


The Federal Bar Association Welcomes All Law Students!

The Federal Bar Association wants to help ensure that you have a successful career practicing law!

So make FBA your one-stop location for comprehensive information on the federal judiciary and federal practitioners, to help you start building your professional network, and for access to resources to help you find a position after graduation, and then beyond.

Join the FBA and get access to information on current legislative issues affecting the federal judiciary, FBA publications specific to federal practitioners, detailed information on federal judges, discounted registration rates on FBA conferences and seminars, money saving discounts on everything from insurance to travel benefits to package delivery, and much more.

FBA also has approximately 95 local chapters across the United States with even more resources to help you succeed. There are also many affiliated law school divisions in development that cater specifically to law students considering federal practice.

Benefits of Law Student Associate Membership Flyer

Join FBA based on your current year in school and get an added post-graduation year of membership at no cost.

  • First year law students. Get FOUR years of membership for $50.
  • Second year law students. Get THREE years of membership for $30.
  • Third year law students. Get TWO years of membership for $20.
  • Single year option. Any one year only membership is $20.
Law Students are ineligible to become a part of the FBA’s Younger Lawyers Division. The Younger Lawyers Division is for FBA members who (i) are 40 years of age and under or (ii) have been admitted to practice for ten years or less. You must be a practicing attorney to become a member of the Younger Lawyers Division.

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