Immigration Law Section

Immigration Law Section

Our Chair, H. Raymond Fasano, would like to share the following message with you:

Please join us for our stellar Memphis CLE May 16 and 17. This CLE presents the best and brightest immigration practitioners from around the nation that discuss all aspects of immigration law from non-profit to business immigration to litigation. You will hear panels presented by Federal Judges from Circuit Courts of Appeal and District Courts. In addition, panels will be presented by policy makes from USCIS, CBP and DOS. Finally, the congeniality of this program is second to none. You will have opportunities for social engagements with all presenters and practitioners and enjoy the food and hospitality of the south. We look forward to seeing you in Memphis. Please follow the link to our brochure and register today.

Message from the Chair

Section Chair:
H. Raymond Fasano
Youman, Madeo & Fasano, LLP
New York, NY
I am honored to be the Chair of the Immigration Law Section. I am following two individuals who have mentored me since I became active in the ILS; renowned immigration lawyer Barry Frager and the Honorable Judge Lawrence Burman. These two immigration greats have taken a dormant section and revived it to being one of the most active sections in the FBA.

My goals for the Section are:
  1. Expand the ILS. This was one of Judge Burman's goals and I will follow up on his work. The FBA used to be an organization made up of mostly government lawyers. Now, it seems that the ranks of government lawyers have dwindled. We as a bar benefit whenever government and private lawyers and judges have an opportunity to work together on a common goal. This concept has an important role in immigration law. I recall Judge Burman’s wise words, "The ILS is unique in that it is an organization of private attorneys, government attorneys, and immigration judges. Only in the ILS are attorneys and judges able to work together as equals, toward the betterment of the Immigration Courts and Bar."
  2. Newsletter. The Green Card is the ILS newsletter. I am proud for our Section that the Green Card won an award at the Annual Conference. This is due to the hard work and effort of Judge Burman and the content of The Green Card. Under Judge Burman’s stewardship The Green Card won an award. I will continue with this effort and publish a quarterly newsletter that includes photos, news from our section, announcements, scholarly articles and Circuit and BIA case updates. We need volunteers. I anticipate that Judge Burman will remain as editor but we can use all the help we can get. If you want to contribute an article, work on Circuit Court/BIA updates, or be an editor from news/announcements from our Section members please contact me.
  3. CLE Programs. The signature event for the ILS Section is our Memphis CLE held in May. This CLE is as gastronomically satisfying as it is scholarly. We have 5 Tracks and 70 panels in 2 days. This is a true blending of government lawyers, personnel, Judges and the private bar learning, eating and drinking together. It is one of the highlights of the year for me personally. Come join us this year for our party and scholarly pursuits. We do not yet have firm dates but the event will be held in mid May 2013. As in past years, Barry Frager will continue as Coordinator-for-Life. I echo Judge Burman's recommendation "that you make your reservations at the Marriott Hotel Downtown, 901-527-7300. Be sure to request the FBA block of rooms, as we have negotiated a special rate. Rooms are scarce during Memphis in May, so reserve early, or you will be stuck commuting from the suburbs."
  4. In addition to the Memphis CLE I want to present an event that would be co-sponsored by other law sections regarding the immigration issues that impact a particular area of the law. For instance, the Labor Law Section would co-sponsor the event where at least one panel would address an FLSA case in which the plaintiff is an undocumented worker. Another example would have the Tax Law Section presenting a panel in which issues related to an individual who is being deported who may have a tax liability. The Criminal Law Section would present a panel addressing the immigration consequences of convictions. Each of these panels would have at least one immigration practitioner identify immigration concerns related to the panel and the discussion would flow from there. I am in my early stages of formulating the event and I will be contacting other Section Chairs for ideas and suggestions. A national co-sponsored event is an enormous undertaking that will in all likelihood result in an event in 2014 if I can get it off the ground, which would be after my tenure. However, if I can be involved in laying the ground, it will be a significant contribution to the FBA.

H. Raymond Fasano
Section Chair


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