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Section Chair:

Steve Crimmins
K&L Gates, LLP
Washington, D.C.

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Present and prospective members --

The FBA's Securities Law Section is looking forward to expanding membership, offering useful programs for members, and developing one or more email listservs to allow members to interact directly on topics of mutual interest.

As a first step, please use the link below to join our section without charge if your are not already a member. To build membership, the section will not charge dues for the immediate future. When dues are ultimately introduced, the section will keep the amount relatively small to further build membership.

The section has already run a number of recent interesting programs, including its co-sponsorship of a November 16, 2012 full-day symposium at Columbia Law School in New York marking the fiftieth anniversary of SEC insider trading enforcement and featuring federal judges, prosecutors, defense counsel and academics. Last spring, the section teamed with the FBA's New York chapter to present the chief of the SEC Enforcement Division's Structured and New Products Unit at a panel held at the federal courthouse in Manhattan. The section also sponsored a panel in Washington that focused on the SEC's Asset Management Unit.

The section is also teaming with the SEC Historical Society ( to present a bi-monthly newsletter from the society that will be a guide for securities lawyers to materials in the expansive virtual museum and archive that the society has developed with the assistance of a professional curatorial team. This will surely be of interest to section members.

As the section moves forward, a goal is to offer webinar presentations that can reach the FBA's national membership. In addition, the section will continue to look for opportunities to team with FBA chapters around the country to present programs of interest to securities lawyers. The goal in presenting these programs is to offer programs that will cover all of the key areas of securities practice - securities offering, disclosure and governance issues, regulatory enforcement and private securities litigation topics, investment management issues, etc.

The section is presently exploring with the FBA the possibility of beta-testing one or more listservs for section members. Based on local bar experience, we have seen that after starting slowly such communication channels catch on and become a useful way for members to pose questions, engage in discussion of key issues, pass news and views, and help each other by sharing briefs, memos, ideas for experts, etc. Members using such listservs are of course always careful to protect client information and identities in their exchanges.

In short, the section sees a great opportunity ahead to serve FBA members around the country - those who concentrate their practices in the area of securities law and also those with only occasional involvement. We hope you will consider joining the section today, participating in section programs nationally or locally, and giving us ideas on how we may better serve FBA members interested in securities law topics.

Steve Crimmins, Chair


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