Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Message from the Chair

Section Chair: 

Joan D. Hogarth
 Law Office of Joan D Hogarth
New York, NY

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Welcome to the ADR Section!

         Our mission is to promote the development of ADR through a forum in which our members can exchange ideas, refine their ADR skills, enhance ADR processes, study core issues in the field, and advocate for matters of concern and interests to the Section.

In 2017 the members benefitted from the Section’s accomplishments. We had several successful webinars covering topics in mediation and arbitration with outstanding subject matter experts and topics ranging from practice skills for drafting arbitration clauses, to the effective use of mediation in seaman’s personal injury claims. We addressed interesting ADR issues in the Section’s column for the Federal Lawyer, e.g. ADR in patent infringement cases, the non-doing in mediation and dissension in arbitration. We are proud to say that the Section was the recipient of the FBA’s newsletter award at the 2017 Annual Convention in Atlanta. It was indeed a great honor. In 2018, we will continue to further our stated mission by bringing more of the same with an emphasis on areas of national interest for ADR practitioners - advocates and neutrals alike.

As members of a national organization – the FBA – you bring the perspectives from across the country to enrichen each other and to contribute to the achievement of the mission objectives. This will only happen if you become actively engaged in the Section work. Use the Section as a forum to share your ideas – by writing or presenting a webinar. Raise questions that concern you about developments (or lack thereof) in ADR. Bring your skills for others to see. Share information from which they could refine their skills. It is in teaching that you are receiving.

Leading the Section this year are elected Officers, past Section Chairs and representatives from the younger lawyers’ groups of the FBA. Meet them here. Your elected Section Board members are:

Joan Hogarth – Chair
Lisa Brown – Chair-Elect
Alex Zimmer – Treasurer
Roni Elias – Secretary

Your Members-at-large are:

Ashley Akers – Law Student Division Representative
Amy Doyle – Younger Lawyers Division Representative
Jeff Kichaven – Immediate Past Chair
Simeon Baum – Past Chair/ Member-at-Large

Our plans for 2018, if you wish to join us in this work, is to continue publishing that award-winning newsletter, The Resolver and to continue submitting points of view to the regular column - Beyond Alternative. There will be local activities with law schools and chapters and more webinars geared for the new entrants in the field as well as for the experts. For more information on the plans and programs, visit the ADR Section page on the FBA website. You will find archived copies of The Resolver and copies of the column – Beyond Alternative and a calendar that will be updated throughout the course of the year.

With this leadership team and program plans in place, we hope you will be motivated to join one of the Section committees or participate in an activity. If you are not yet a member, visit the FBA home page and add the ADR Section to your membership. At any time, please email us with your ideas and suggestions to

Joan D. Hogarth
Section Chair


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