CLE Policy

Obtaining Your CLE Credit 
FBA CLE Program Rules and Procedures

  1. When you enter a FBA CLE program, you must check-in at the registration desk, even if you have pre-registered.
  2. You will receive a Registration Packet at the registration desk which will include a CLE Attendance Verification Form.  If you don’t have a form in your packet or don’t pick up your packet, please pick up a form at the registration table.  It is your responsibility to fill out the form, and hand it back to the staff at the registration table, at the conclusion of the program. Return of the Attendance Verification Form is a PREREQUISITE to your receipt of a Certificate of Attendance at the conference/event.  (FBA is required to obtain these Attendance Verification Forms from ALL participants attending EVERY CLE program.)
  3. At the conclusion of each conference/event, a Certificate of Attendance will be handed to each Attendee upon receipt of the Attendance Verification Form.  It is the Attendee’s responsibility to secure the Certificate.
  4. Anyone who fails to turn in their Attendance Verification Form at a CLE program will be required to email, fax, or mail the form within seven business days in order to receive a CLE Certificate of Attendance.
  5. If you submit your Attendance Verification Form later than seven business days following the conference/event you will be required to Self-Report your attendance to your state bar.
  6. SPEAKERS who desire special teaching credit from your state bar must check with that state bar for their process in requesting the additional teaching credits.  If you would like proof of speaking you are required to pick up a Certificate of Teaching at the registration desk.

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