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The Utah Chapter of the Federal Bar Association is composed of federal judges and lawyers who practice in Utah federal courts. Participation in the FBA gives lawyers the opportunity to network with local attorneys and judges. In addition, the FBA provides many substantive CLE programs on federal practice and the latest developments in the law. These valuable programs are offered to our members at a discount rate!

Annual Ronald N. Boyce Federal Court Litigation Practice Seminar. This popular, full-day seminar features presentations by our local federal judges and magistrates. The speakers cover subjects of particular interest to federal lawyers such as changes to the federal rules, evidence issues, pretrial practice, the appellate process, ethics, and recent developments in federal law. See Calendar of Events tab for this year’s most up-to-date information.

Southern Utah Law Symposium. Each spring, the Utah Chapter offers a two-day CLE symposium in Southern Utah that includes presentations by lawyers and federal judges from Utah and Nevada. See Calendar of Events tab for this year’s most up-to-date information.

Annual Criminal Law Seminar. The Utah Chapter offers a full-day seminar designed for prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers. The seminar generally features presentations by local federal judges and other experts in criminal law. The afternoon breakout sessions will allow prosecutors and defense counsel to meet separately to discuss issues of particular concern to each group. See Calendar of Events tab for this year’s most up-to-date information.

Introduction to Federal Court. Each summer, the Utah Chapter offers an Introduction to Federal Court seminar for new lawyers and their mentors at the Frank E. Moss Federal Courthouse. Utah federal judges, their law clerks, and Louise York, Chief Deputy of the United State District Court for the District of Utah talk about the practice in Utah federal courts. This limited capacity seminar is a great opportunity for newly minted lawyers, as well as long-time members of the bar, to interact with federal judges in an informal setting and learn some tips on local practice. See Calendar of Events tab for this year’s most up-to-date information.

Tri-State Conference. The Utah, Idaho and Wyoming Chapters of the Federal Bar Association have joined forces to present a unique regional CLE conference focusing on timely federal law issues. See Calendar of Events tab for this year’s most up-to-date information.

“Side Bar” CLE Luncheons. The Utah Chapter's "Side Bar" Series of CLE luncheons is a unique opportunity for federal practitioners to interact with our local federal judges. The Side Bar luncheon begins with remarks from the judge, but the majority of the time is devoted to questions from the attendees. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and learn about the featured judge's preferences and insights into federal practice. Because this is a limited seating event, invitations are extended first to our members -- just one of the benefits of membership in the Federal Bar Association. Upcoming Side Bar luncheons are listed on the Calendar of Events tab.

Social and Special Events. The FBA sponsors social and special events, including our Annual Awards Dinner at which we honor an outstanding federal judge and lawyer. We also co-sponsor special events with the Tenth Circuit Historical Society. These events are a great opportunity to get to know who’s who in the legal community.

Pro Bono. The Utah Chapter provides its members with the opportunity to participate in pro bono project related to federal law. In years past, the Chapter has provided training to domestic violence shelters regarding the protections afforded by the federal Violence Against Women Act to immigrants who are the victims of domestic violence. The Pro Bono Project focuses on soliciting law firms' commitment to accept pro bono referrals, and provide pro bono support, in the Federal system. For more information, please contact the Chapter’s Pro Bono Director,  Michael D. Stanger, at (801) 532-7840.

Informative Publications. Members receive the Utah Chapter’s quarterly newsletter on events and developments of interest to local federal practitioners. Please see our Newsletters here. In addition, members receive The Federal Lawyer, published monthly by the national Federal Bar Association.


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