Court Funding

The Federal Bar Association supports adequate funding for the general and continuing operations of the federal courts, including an equitable level of rent and facilities expense consistent with actual costs, budgetary constraints, staffing needs and security considerations, to permit the courts to fulfill their constitutional and statutory responsibilities.

  • Judiciary’s FY 2015 Funding Meets Needs
    The federal Judiciary’s most pressing resource needs are funded in the Fiscal Year 2015 omnibus spending measure that has passed both houses of Congress and is expected to be signed by the President. The Federal Bar Association actively promoted this funding request.
  • [Free Webinar] Promise and Peril: Funding Prospects for the Federal Courts
    Join Bruce Moyer as he discusses Court Funding in this free webinar.
  • Judges Prevail in Contest over Judicial Salaries
    Judicial salaries of Article III judges have been elevated to new levels as a result of successfully concluded litigation challenging the withholding of cost-of-living increases (COLAs) by Congress.
  • Judiciary Appeals to President Obama on Funding
    In a September 10 letter, the Judiciary has appealed to President Obama for the funding necessary in fiscal year 2014 to perform its essential constitutional functions.
  • Citing Emergency, Judiciary Cuts Fees for Court-Appointed Lawyers
    In an emergency move to preserve Federal Defender staffing in FY 2014, the Executive Committee of the Judicial Conference of the United States has reduced hourly rates for court-appointed panel attorneys by $15 an hour.

    Read the National Law Journal's coverage (Free registration required)
  • 87 U.S. Chief Judges Appeal to Congress for Funding Help
    Describing themselves as "the boots on the ground in our nation's federal trial courts," 87 chief U.S. District judges have sent a letter to Congressional leaders stating that reduced funding and sequestration have "...forced us to slash our operations to the bone, and we believe that our constitutional duties, public safety, and the quality of the justice system will be profoundly compromised by any further cuts."
  • FBA Endorses Federal Courts' Emergency Funding Request to Congress
    The FBA has urged Congressional appropriations leaders to approve the Federal Judiciary's emergency request for $73 million in current year funding to mitigate the impact of automatic budget cuts. "Sequestration is imposing intolerable costs upon our federal court system and the administration of justice," FBA Executive Karen Silberman and Government Relations Committee Chairman West Allen wrote in a June 11 letter to Congress urging action.
  • Judicial Emergency Supplemental Request
    The Federal Judiciary publicly announced the transmittal of its request to OMB for a $72.9 million emergency supplemental appropriation. Read the letter of transmittal. The Judiciary holds the statutory privilege to make this request to Congress, but must make it through OMB. OMB's transmittal of the request to Congress should come shortly.

    Media coverage
    - Legal Times
    - Federal Times

    FBA, with the help of its members associated with federal courts throughout the country, will continue to urge Congress to approve the request.
  • FBA Leaders Urge Congress to Act on Court Funding, Judicial Vacancies
    Twenty FBA leaders from across the country met with Senators, Members of the House of Representatives, and senior Congressional staff to press for Congressional action on some of the foremost challenges facing the federal courts. Read More...

    - Media coverage is here.
    - The FBA issue briefs associated with the court funding and judicial vacancy issues are here and here.
  • Congress Should Provide Supplemental Funding to Federal Courts To Mitigate Sequestration
    The Federal Bar Association supports an emergency supplemental appropriation for the Federal Judiciary to lessen the devastating impact of sequestration on the operations of the federal courts.
  • Continuing Resolution Passes: Federal Courts To Be Funded Through FY2013
    On Thursday, March 21, 2013, Congress agreed on a Continuing Resolution that keeps the federal courts and the rest of the government funded through the end of the fiscal year.


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