Governance and Organizational Structure

Governance & Organizational Structure

The Federal Bar Association is a tax exempt, 501(c)(6) organization, founded in 1920. The purpose of the FBA is:

  • To serve as the national representative of the Federal legal profession;
  • To promote the sound administration of justice;
  • To enhance the professional growth and development of members of the Federal legal profession;
  • To promote high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct in the Federal legal profession;
  • To promote the welfare of attorneys and judges employed by the Government of the United States;
  • To provide meaningful service for the welfare and benefit of the members of the Association;
  • To provide quality education programs to the Federal legal profession and the public;
  • To keep members informed of developments in their respective fields of interest;
  • To keep members informed of the affairs of the Association, to encourage their involvement in its activities, and to provide members opportunities to assume leadership roles;
  • To promote professional and social interaction among members of the Federal legal profession.


FBA Constitution

Previous versions of the Constitution have been archived.

Base Document Published September 28, 1991
Article IV, Section 1 Revised July 30, 1992
Article IV, Section 3; Article VII, Section 5; and Article XIV Revised January 11, 1994
Article VII, Section 3 Revised October 4, 1995
Constitution Revised Oct. 9, 2018
Article V Revised February 11, 1997
Article XIV Repealed October 2, 1997
Article VI, Section 1 Revised February 2, 1998
Article XIV Added and Article VI Revised January 29, 1999
Article VII, Section 4 Revised September 25, 1999
Constitution Revised Feb. 10, 2006
Constitution Revised Aug. 1, 2011
Constitution Revised Oct. 12, 2017
Constitution Revised Oct. 9, 2018

FBA Bylaws

Base Document Published September 28, 1991. Revised September 10, 2011. Last Revised April 6, 2013.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consist of the president, president-elect, treasurer, and 12 elected directors who represent segments of the membership. There are three ex officio members and the executive director who attend Board meetings but are non voting members of the Board.

National Council

The National Council is made up of the Federal Bar Association's leadership and represents the membership at National Council meetings held twice a year.

Vice Presidents of the Circuits

An integral part of the national operation of the Federal Bar Association is its circuit structure and the corresponding two Vice Presidents for each Circuit. The circuits are the same as the twelve Federal Judicial Circuits and encompass the states, territories, and possessions of the United States.


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