News From the FBA
  • Call for Nominations, FY2019 Elections

    The Nominations and Elections Committee hereby gives notice that there will be an election for the following officers of the association for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2018: President-elect; Treasurer; one Director who is a past or present Vice President for the Circuits; one Director who is a past or present Section or Division Chair; one Director who is a past or present chapter president; one Director who is, at the time of his or her election to the Board, age 40 years or younger; one Vice President for each of the 12 circuits. The deadline for applications is February 1.
  • Relief Assistance for Puerto Rico

    While the scope of the crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria dominates the news across the country, the resilience of our FBA colleagues to recover and rebuild remains steadfast. Oreste Ramos, a national FBA leader and attorney in San Juan, has shared his firsthand account of conditions on the island and an appeal for continued support.

The Federal Lawyer
  • Online Issue Available Now

    The June 2017 issue of The Federal Lawyer features articles focusing on a variety of legal topics. Click for a full list of articles.
  • Current Judicial Profiles

    The Federal Lawyer has an index of featured Judicial Profiles from previous issues. These profiles are available to members only.


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