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Jim Richardson
Queenstown, MD 

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Welcome to the Veterans and Military Law Section. Since our creation by the founding Chair, the Hon. Jack Farley, our section has concentrated on helping our nation’s veterans and engaging practitioners of military law in their unique environment. To that end we frequently partner with other sections within the FBA as well as entities outside of the association. These partnerships enable us to engage in “force multiplication” of efforts in the interrelated areas of veterans and military law.

We are a relatively small section. Consequently, there are abundant opportunities for leadership and participation. As we create continuing legal education activities we need instructors and support workers. Our newsletter, Tommy, provides the outlet for those who wish to write. Finally there are numerous opportunities to network among your follow counsel who represent veterans or military service members throughout the world.

You need not be someone who exclusively practices either veterans or military law. Military service members and veterans have issues across the legal spectrum, albeit with some different question. Your expertise in your particular field is needed and we can help you expand your practice and interest to include this unique area for federal law.

Our executive committee, and full board meetings are open to all who are interested in this practice we encourage you to contact any of our board to express interest in the section or simply to see what we are doing.


Preliminary Agenda for 2018 VLAC

Veterans Courts in Pennsylvania

Puerto Rico CLE: Veterans' Disability Benefits: Compensation and Pension

Puerto Rico CLE: Ethical Foundations

Puerto Rico CLE: Best Practices for New (and Old) Practitioners

Puerto Rico CLE: Veterans’ Disability Benefits: Compensation and Pension

Puerto Rico CLE: Understanding Discharge Review

Past National President James Richardson briefly discusses the Military and Veteran’s Law Section. Listen in and ask a friend to join!

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Updated March 2009

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