Tax Practice & Procedure Monthly Roundtable
June 23, 2014
1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern
Dial-In Number: (866) 690-2070
Pin Number: 3008455329


  • Supreme Court Preview: Comptroller of Maryland vs. Wynne
    Stu Bassin (The Bassin Law Firm)

    The Supreme Court recently granted certiorari in this state tax law case, which raises fundamental and recurring constitutional issues. A resident of one state (Maryland, for example) who works in another state (Virginia) may be subject to tax on the income earned in Virginia by both states. While double taxation is usually prevented by providing a tax credit for state taxes paid in another state, Maryland provides only a partial credit. Maryland’s highest court ruled that the Maryland law places an unconstitutional burden upon interstate commerce by taxing residents who work outside of its borders at a higher rate than its residents who worked within its borders. While the case arises in the context of state tax, our presentation will look at the broader impact of the ruling upon the fundamental question of the power of the sovereign to impose taxes upon income earned outside its borders.
  • Taxigration--The Intersection of Immigration Reform and Tax Law
    Sam Rock (The Rock Law Group) 

    Undocumented persons face a unique set of issues in dealing with the tax system. For many immigrants, non-complaint tax returns can be a hurdle to obtaining an immigration benefit. Certain immigration benefits, such as Citizenship and "Cancellation of Removal" require, require an affirmative finding of good moral character. They now routinely scrutinize tax returns for understatements of income and false claims to refundable credits and dependents in their good moral character analysis and have taken notice of IRS and TIGTA reports documenting false claims by undocumented workers. Our discussion will summarize the issues confronted by undocumented persons and will focus upon the ability of low income immigrants to retroactively claim the Earned Income Tax Credit after obtaining a social security number. Our presenter, Sam Rock, practices immigration law with a focus on tax issues for the foreign born and regularly works with immigration lawyers in resolving tax issues associated with their immigration cases.
  • The Service’s New Regulations Revising Circular 230
    Harve Lewis, KPMG LLP

    Earlier this month, the Service issued final regulations amending existing Circular 230 rules governing the conduct of tax practitioners. Our presentation will discuss the new requirements and their impact upon practitioners with emphasis on the elimination of the covered opinion rules and instead subjecting all written tax advice to one standard that has been enhanced. We may also consider the impact of the DC Circuit Loving decision upon the importance of these regulations.

Next Call:   Monday, July 28, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. Note: There will be no August call.

Volunteers interested in leading a discussion or making a presentation at this or any future meeting are encouraged to contact S.Starling Marshall (S.Starling.Marshall@usdoj.gov); Christine Lane (christine.lane@hoganlovells.com); or Stu Bassin (sbassin@bakerlaw.com).

Ground Rules:  

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