Message from the Chair—Brian Murphy

Chairperson’s Message

On the occasion of my final message as Chairperson of the FBA International Law Section, I would like to congratulate our newly-elected Section officers:

—Section Chairperson:  Immigration Judge Mimi Tsankov [acting in her personal capacity];

—Deputy Chairperson:  Roger S. Kobert, Esquire;

—Treasurer:  Stephanie Moncada Gomez, Esquire;

—Secretary:  Beth Persky, Esquire.

These distinguished leaders will be profiled in “Global Perspectives!”

Concomitantly, I would offer my sincere thanks for the privilege of working with such able, dedicated [and pleasant!] lawyer-leaders, including our illustrious editor of “Global Perspectives,” Heather Costanzo, Esquire!


I would like to share a few thoughts about an issue close to my lawyerly heart and mind—Support for the Fulbright Program.

Many of you will have encountered lawyers and others from abroad [from some 160 countries], who have come to the U.S.A. to study, do research, or teach at our academic institutions.  Equally, many of us have encountered students, researchers and lecturers from the U.S.A. who have served abroad on behalf of the Fulbright Program.  [I myself served as a Fulbright lecturer in law in the Republic of Bulgaria several years ago and expect to return to the University of Sofia early in 2018, again to serve as a Fulbright lecturer in law.]  

The Administration has proposed a 47 % reduction in funding for the Fulbright Program, which would have the effect of ending the program as we have known it.

In the company of Dr. John Bader and two of his colleagues [see photo], I advocated to several Congressional members and their staffs for the preservation of the Fulbright Program, at least at its present level of funding, if not an enhancement.

I know, first hand, how valuable the Fulbright Program has been for some 70 years in building bridges to the world.  The culmination of my own Fulbright law lectureship in Bulgaria came with my being requested by the Chairperson of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Ivan Grigorov, to invite and escort the late U.S. Chief Justice, William Rehnquist, on his first-ever visit to a newly-democratic nation state.  I did so, and many judicial exchange visits ensued.

I hope that many of you will contact your Congressional Delegation, urging support for the continuation of the Fulbright Program.



Brian C. Murphy


FBA International Law Section


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