ILS Bylaws Highlights

Highlights from the Recent Revisions of the International Law Section Bylaws

In February, the International Law Section Executive Board approved a series of amendments to the section’s bylaws that had been proposed by the ad hoc Bylaws Revision Committee (Matt McGhie, Chair; D. Craig Perry; Jessica Sblendorio; and John Bihm). It had been 24 years since the section’s bylaws were last revised. The amendments were later approved by the FBA Board of Directors. Here are a few of the amendment highlights:

  • All officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer) are now required to be elected by the general membership of the section (rather than appointed by the Board or the Chair), in compliance with FBA Policy 9-4.
  • The officers’ duties were revised slightly to give the Secretary responsibility for calendaring, the Treasurer the responsibility for preparing an annual budget, and the Immediate Past Chair the responsibility for serving as Chair of the Election Committee.
  • The positions of Membership Chair and Newsletter Editor were formally added to the Executive Board.
  • The bylaws now indicate that the section newsletter will be published quarterly.
  • Three new committees were established (Membership, Newsletter, and Election).
  • The nomination and election procedures were spelled out, including provisions to fill vacancies between elections.
All section members are strongly encouraged to get involved in one of the International Law Section’s nine committees, to share their event ideas with the Executive Board through the committee chair, and to submit articles to the Newsletter Chair for Global Perspectives.


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