Younger Lawyers Division

In 2015, the Immigration Law Section (ILS) created a new division, the Younger Lawyer’s Division (ILS-YLD), to promote involvement of younger lawyers in the ILS. Governed by a Committee of officers, the ILS-YLD seeks to increase membership of younger lawyers, diversify engagement of younger lawyers from all immigration-related fields, conduct programs specifically of value to younger immigration lawyers, promote mentorship with more experienced attorneys, and support the education, improvement, and coordination of ILS members. ILS members who are (i) 40 years of age and under and (ii) practicing for ten years or less are eligible to be ILS-YLD members.

Since 2016, the ILS-YLD has routinely hosted webinars for younger lawyers. The previous webinar topics included: Immigration Relief for Minors Webinar, Basics of Family-Based Immigration, Fundamentals of Inadmissibility & Waivers, Basics of Mandatory Detention, Basics of Business NIV, and Basics of Immigration Court Litigation. With Immigration Judges and seasoned immigration law practitioners as panelists, these webinars are valuable resources for emerging immigration attorneys. These webinars will continue through 2018. The ILS-YLD Committee also gladly hosts a Happy Hour at the Immigration Law Sections Annual Conference in May of each year, which provides an opportunity for younger immigration attorneys to meet and network with FBA-ILS members from around the country. For questions about the FBA-ILS-YLD -- including the 2018 webinar schedule, how to get more involved in the FBA-ILS-YLD, and more -- please contact the ILS-YLD Committee Chair, Robin Trangsrud,

The current ILS-YLD Committee includes:
Lauren McClure
Jamie McGuire
Andreia Precoma
Andres Murguia
Rachel Thompson
**Tina R. Goel, ILS-Diversity Committee Chair
**Robin Trangsrud, ILS-YLD Committee Chair


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