ADR Section: The Value of Mediation and Arbitration in Healthcare CLE

Title: The Value of Mediation and Arbitration in Healthcare

Program Summary:
This webinar will discuss the value of using alternative dispute resolution in health care settings. ADR is a valuable tool for resolving:

• Patient care privacy concerns
• Disputes arising within physician groups
• Employment disputes
• Billing and reimbursement disputes
• Risk Management

The benefits of ADR in Resolving Health Care Disputes are:

• Patient Privacy:  ADR allows for confidentiality not afforded in public trials/hearings
• Prompt Resolution:  ADR proceedings can be scheduled immediately without delay
• Cost Effectiveness:  ADR is less costly than court proceedings
• Preservation of Relationships:  ADR allows a less adversarial approach, preserving business relationships as the dispute is being resolved
• Substantive expertise:  ADR professionals can be selected who have expertise in the health care issues in dispute

1.00 CLE Credit (Pending)

Date: Wednesday, June 5th, 2019
Time: 02:30PM – 3:30PM
Location: Webinar


Lisa Brown - Moderator


• Lisa Brown
• Mary Austin
• Marcia Adelson

Presenter bios:

Lisa Brown is a mediator and arbitrator in Portland, Oregon.  She  has served on the American Arbitration Association’s arbitration panel for many years and also arbitrates cases through the Arbitration Service of Portland, court mandated arbitration programs, and  the Oregon State Bar Fee Dispute Resolution program.   Lisa is currently Chair of the Federal Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Section and serves on the Oregon State Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Executive Committee.  Having litigated commercial and employment cases for many years, Lisa enjoys the opportunity to assist parties in resolving disputes through arbitration and mediation as a cost effective alternative to litigation.   Lisa’s contact information is

Marcia Adelson’s practice is limited to alternate dispute resolution.  She is an active mediator and has mediated more than 50 cases, primarily employment and commercial disputes.  Marcia is on the Southern District of New York, New York City Supreme – Commercial Division, Westchester County Supreme – Commercial and FINRA mediation panels. As a member of the Eastern District of New York’s Mediation Advocacy Program, she serves as counsel for pro se plaintiffs for the limited purpose of mediation.  Currently she is serving a two year term as a member on the Southern District of New York Mediation Advisory Council where she is working to improve the structure and outcomes in the use of mediation by the court.  Marcia is  on the American Arbitration Association Commercial and Consumer Arbitration Panels, is a non public arbitrator for FINRA and is on the NFA Panel of Arbitrators.  Her contact information is

Mary Austin is an experienced health care mediator and arbitrator in private practice in New York City.   She mediates and arbitrates cases through the American Arbitration Association (Commercial and Health Care Arbitration Panels), the American Health Lawyers Association (Arbitration and Hearing Master), the Commercial Division of the New York State Supreme Court (mediation), FINRA (arbitration) and the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania (mediation, arbitration and early neutral evaluation.  She is also on the UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) Intermediation Panel. Mary spent 13 years as a senior level attorney at UPMC (the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center).   Prior to joining UPMC, Ms. Austin was a commercial litigation partner at Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott in Pittsburgh.  Ms. Austin also practiced commercial litigation, intellectual property litigation and employment law in New York City.  Mary’s experience as in-house counsel in a large health care system provides valuable perspective on the benefits and practicalities of resolving health care disputes through alternative dispute resolution.  Mary’s contact information is:  

June 5, 2019
02:30 PM - 03:30 PM

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