Editorial Guidelines and Deadlines for SideBAR

Publication dates:

Winter Submission Deadline: 1/4/17

Publishing with SideBAR- Editorial Guidelines 

SideBAR consolidates practice-oriented articles for easy access by lawyers, business executives, and other professionals who wish to better understand legal issues. Any articles covering topics that would interest a litigator are welcome. All articles are displayed with the author’s photo, brief biography, and contact information. Previous issues of SideBAR are available online.

What Type of Content is SideBAR Looking to Publish?

SideBAR seeks well-organized and easy-to-digest works. Key information should be placed in the opening paragraphs so that readers can quickly determine what the article is about. When writing about new cases or statutes, please analyze, don’t just summarize. Explain the impact of your topic to readers and include suggestions on how they might respond to it.

  • It is not SideBAR’s practice nor function to heavily edit articles. However, SideBAR reserves the right to edit or format the content of any documents submitted to SideBAR’s database as it deems appropriate, provided that the meaning of the work is not materially altered. SideBAR will use reasonable and professional discretion in exercising this right, and without the contributor’s prior or final approval. 
  • SideBAR will accept articles previously published by another publication, provided the organization submitting the content has the authority to grant the right to publish it on the SideBAR site. Do not forward any material that infringes upon the intellectual property or privacy rights of any third party, including a third party’s unlicensed copyrighted work.
  • All submissions are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. SideBAR does not give topic exclusivity to any one contributor, but encourages submission of articles on the same or similar topics to allow readers to access a variety of viewpoints and analyses in the database. Although articles featured in SideBAR may contain similar or related information, overly duplicative content is avoided.
  • SideBAR will not post any material that constitutes an expressed solicitation for representation, publicity for an individual or organization, or any other commercial message.
  • SideBAR cannot publish an article referring to a pending case if a contributor (or a member of the same firm) serves as counsel for plaintiff or defendant in the pending case. 

Manuscript Requirements for Publishing with SideBAR

Format – Formatting should be a Word or WordPerfect file.  Please use endnotes rather than footnotes – the fewer the better.  In general, we're seeking a more "journalistic" style than scholarly or legalese. PDF is not acceptable.

Length– Overall length probably should not exceed 1,200 words, excluding endnotes (about five or six pages of double-spaced text), though one can certainly make a much shorter article or one that's a little longer.

Endnotes and citations– Any citations should be in endnote form and listed at the end of the article, not in the body of the manuscript nor listed as footnotes on each page. Unreported cases should include docket number and court. Authors are responsible for the accuracy and proper format of citations and for the need to cite information.  In general, follow the Bluebook. Endnotes should be of reasonable length; not overly long, but with enough information to support points made in the article. Authors are responsible for accuracy of all quoted material.

Author Biography / Organization Description –Please submit a brief author biography to accompany your article. Please submit the following information:

  1. Full name of author(s) (First Middle Last).
  2. Contact information for author(s), including e-mail address, phone number, Web site address, and firm affiliation.
  3. Photo of the author(s) (recommended but optional) in JPEG format with a maximum file size of 1MB and in RGB color format. Image size must be at least 150 x 200 pixels.
  4. Author(s) byline with a brief description of practice areas.

Thinking of Publishing with SideBAR?

We are looking for well-researched legal analysis or legal news articles that will help educate professionals interested in emerging legal and business issues.

All questions about article submissions or topic ideas should be emailed directly to, Jeffrey Cox at jcox@ficlaw.com