Following a year of extraordinary weather and geological events, how is it possible to envision potential revolutions of thought in environmental, energy and resources law and policy. The world as we see it today, Nov. 1, seems like the embodiment of the best of times and the worst of times. We see New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and the impacts of the massive Sandy, yet we behold business as usual in one part of the states and cities, and devastation, tragedy and despair in others. The effects of these events on the public psyche and the political reaction to it remain to be seen; yet we know it may truly be different this time. Walking between the worlds of abundance and success—in the burgeoning energy renaissance in shale gas and oil, and the benefits and challenges these newly available resources are capable of providing to the country and the other world of economic woes and fears of what may come in other parts of the country is what energy, environmental and resources law really does. Our Section presents all sides of the complex puzzle of providing energy, water, food, to our nation while simultaneously preventing environmental damage and escalating climatological and related negative changes. We stand on a precipice and will try to bring you, as Section members-- insights, experts, contacts and content to help you navigate the treacherous terrain ahead and find a way to represent your clients that aids them and you, wherever your policy preferences may stand, in the year ahead. It promises to be a challenge but one that will be met with vigor and commitment from the Section. We need you to make this happen! Your comments, suggestions, insights are exceedingly welcome and will aid us in shaping the products you need for your practice. Please email me with ideas and observations at

Shellia Hollis