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FBA Bankruptcy Section and Dallas Chapter

The FBA Bankruptcy Section and the Dallas Chapter of the FBA jointly sponsored a 1 hour panel presentation entitled, "Bankruptcy: We're From the Government, and We're Here to Help" at the Dallas Bar Headquarters on November 28, 2018. The panel discussed how often and when federal and state attorneys get involved in bankruptcy cases, how those cases can go more smoothly with communication with those government attorneys, what authority and ability to take actions the government attorneys typically have, and best practices those attorneys have witnessed in and out of bankruptcy court. An hour of CLE was available to attendees and approximately 35 people attended the panel presentation.


Pictured left to right: Dawn Theiss (U.S. Attorney's Office), Judge Harlin D. Hale (U.S. Bankruptcy Judge)(moderator), Lisa Lambert (U.S. Trustee's Office), Ashley Carroll (State of Texas A.G.'s Office).

National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, October 28-31 2018


FBA Bankruptcy Section and Dallas Chapter

On October 31, 2017, the FBA Bankruptcy Section, the FBA Dallas Chapter, and the Dallas Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Section jointly sponsored “’Do You Feel Lucky?’ A Clint Eastwood Guide to Bankruptcy-Connected Prosecutions." Using recent prosecutions and convictions as examples, the presenters highlighted the types of questions that attorneys should ask potential clients, the statutory requirement to refer bankruptcy crimes, and the ethical concerns when an attorney responds to questions from investigators and prosecutors. David Jarvis, Assistant United States Attorney and Nancy S. Resnick, United States Trustee Trial Attorney presented with the assistance of Emily Pearl, U.S. Trustee intern and SMU law student. FBA Fifth Circuit Vice President Marc Taubenfeld welcomed over fifty attendees to the bankruptcy ethics-CLE.

Many thanks to Judge Cooter Hale and Marc Taubenfeld, both of whom serve on FBA Bankruptcy Section Executive Committee and the Dallas Chapter FBA Board, for planning and coordinating this event.


Presenters at the Federal Bar Association’s Dallas Chapter – David Jarvis, Assistant U.S. Attorney; Nancy Sue Resnick, U.S. Trustee Trial Attorney; and Emily Pearl, U.S. Trustee Intern and SMU law student


Presenters David Jarvis, Assistant U.S. Attorney, and Nancy S. Resnick, U.S. Trustee Trial Attorney


Attendees following along with PowerPoint.


Presenter David Jarvis speaking while (right to left) Marc Taubenfeld, Nancy Resnick, and Emily Pearl listen.




Attendees – William T. Neary, the United States Trustee for Region 6 is in the foreground.

Collision at the Courthouse

The Bankruptcy Law Section and the Securities Law Section teamed up with the EDNY and SDNY Chapters on March 28, 2017 for a special CLE event. The program consisted of 4 90-minute sessions that addressed numerous key issues at the intersection of securities and bankruptcy law.

After the “Collision at the Courthouse” event, the Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis was honored.  The Honorable Ramon A. Reyes presented Judge Garaufis with the Award for Excellence in Jurisprudence, which paid tribute to Judge Garaufis’ outstanding service to the federal courts and specifically to the area of securities law.  For additional information, see here

Attendees at lunch listen to Philip Anker speak on safe harbor issues in bankruptcy cases   

Charles Niemeier, chair of the Securities Law Section and Partner, Williams & Connolly, LLP

Luncheon speaker Philip Anker with Wilmer Hale discussed safe harbor issues arising in bankruptcy cases with securities law issues

Panel comparing federal receiverships to bankruptcies – from left to right: Alistaire Bambach; Sharon Cohen Levin; Richard A. Kirby; Lisa L. Lambert

Panel discussing parallel/overlapping civil and/or criminal enforcement actions – from left to right – Alistaire Bambach; Melanie L. Cyganowski

The Honorable Ramon A. Reyes presents Judge Garaufis with the Award for Excellence in Jurisprudence

The Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis gave remarks after receiving Award for Excellence in Jurisprudence

2017 Labor and Employment Conference Bankruptcy Panel

On Friday, March 10, 2017, the Bankruptcy Law Section was honored to sponsor a panel during the Labor & Employment Section’s San Antonio CLE.  The Honorable Craig A. Gargotta, United States Bankruptcy Judge and chair-elect of the FBA Bankruptcy Section; Mary Cordell, Senior Investigator with the Department of Labor; and Sylvan S. Lang, Jr., Lang Law Firm; spoke on labor issues that arise in bankruptcy cases.

Sylvan Lang, Judge Gargotta and Ms. Boorman speak on labor issues in bankruptcy cases

Hon. Craig Garogtta presents at the 2017 Labor and Employment Conference

Sylvan S. Lang, Jr. from Lang Law Firm presents on Bankruptcy issues for employment lawyers  

The panel answers questions from the audience

Ms. Boorman presents at the 2017 Labor and Employment Conference

2016 Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Seminar

The FBA Bankruptcy Section and the Dallas FBA Chapter jointly hosted Fundamentals of Bankruptcy on November 4, 2016. Over 100 attended. They learned about best practices when coordinating with the bankruptcy clerk and staff,  proper contacts with the law clerks, and implications of recent Supreme Court bankruptcy decisions.

(L to R): Jed Weintraub, Clerk of the Bankruptcy court for the Northern District of Texas; Dawn Harden, Courtroom Deputy to the Honorable Barbara J. Houser; Traci Davis, Courtroom Deputy to the Honorable Stacey G. Jernigan; and Jenni Bergreen, Courtroom Deputy to the Honorable Harlin D. Hale.

Attendees at the Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Seminar November 4.

(L to R): Judge Harlin Hale, member of Bankruptcy Executive Committee; Jed Weintraub, Bankruptcy Clerk for the Northern District of Texas; and the Dallas bankruptcy Courtroom Deputies - Dawn Harden, Traci Davis, and Jenni Bergen.

2016 Tax Law Conference - Bankruptcy Panel

LA Bankruptcy Ethics

November 6, 2015: Starting Out Right with BAPCPA at 10 Presentation sponsored by Dallas FBA Chapter and FBA Bankruptcy Section

Dallas FBA President Jason Bloom

Honorable Barbara J. Houser, Chief Bankruptcy Judge for the Northern District of Texas, and the Honorable Martin Isgur, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the Southern District of Texas, with students attending Starting Out Right.

FBA Bankruptcy Section Executive Committee Member (and former chair) the Honorable Harlin D. Hale with Corky Sherman, chapter 7 trustee and panelist for the “BAPCPA at 10” discussion.

34th Annual Bankruptcy Conference

The Iowa Chapter of the Federal Bar Association held its 34th Annual Bankruptcy Conference this past October 29th and 30th in Des Moines, Iowa. For the second year in a row, the conference was co-sponsored with the Bankruptcy Section of the Federal Bar Association. The conference included 13 presentations with over 26 speakers and was attended by more than 120 people, covering debtor and creditor, and business and consumer bankruptcy law topics. The IAFBA’s Annual Judicial Reception and Dinner was attended by over 65 people, with judges from the U.S. District and Bankruptcy Courts from both the Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa. Chief Magistrate Judge Celeste Bremer presented the Keynote Speech of the evening, with a talk about gender diversity on the federal bench in the 8th Circuit and the work of the Infinity Project in support of more woman being appointed to the bench.

Photo from Left: Senior District Judge James E. Gritzner, Recalled Magistrate Judge Ross A. Walters, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Lee M. Jackwig, Retired U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Richard Stageman, U.S. Bankruptcy Chief Judge Anita L. Shodeen (IA Southern), U.S. Bankruptcy Chief Judge Charles L. Nail (South Dakota), U.S. Bankruptcy Chief Judge Thad Collins (IA Northern), and FBA Iowa Chapter President Jeffrey D. Goetz, Esq.

Chief Magistrate Judge Celeste Bremer during her Keynote Speech

FBA Iowa Chapter President Jeffrey D. Goetz, Esq.

Judicial Reception and Dinner

Iowa Chapter Judicial Reception and Dinner Thursday, October 30th. Pictured with the chapter president are six Iowa Chapter members who have belonged to the Federal Bar Association for 25 years or longer: Hon. Lee M. Jackwig, Jack Dane, Gary Norton, Hon. Anita L. Shodeen, Julie Johnson-McLean, Chuck Smith and Jeff Goetz, Iowa Chapter President. These tenured members were recognized for their dedication to the Association.

Bankruptcy Section receives Recognition Awards at the 2015 FBA Annual Meeting

Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Litigation

On June 24, 2015 the Bankruptcy Section and Federal Litigation Section of the Federal Bar Association, as well as the Southern and Eastern District of New York Chapters of the Federal Bar Association held a CLE Seminar. View Reception photos.

Dallas Chapter & Bankruptcy Section: Winding Up the First Decade Under BAPCPA

On November 14, 2014 the Dallas Chapter and the Bankruptcy Section of the Federal Bar Association held a joint conference at the Belo Mansion in Dallas, TX. Presentation included a lively panel discussion of BAPCPA as we enter the 10th year since its enactment. Panel members included Julianne Parker, Corky Sherman, Marc Taubenfeld, and Judge Hale.

Bankruptcy Section presentation at the 2014 Federal Bar Association Annual Meeting

Once again, the Bankruptcy Section was selected to present at the FBA Annual Meeting. Section leaders Judge Alan Trust (Bankr. E.D. N.Y.) (left) and Judge Craig Gargotta (Bankr. W.D. Texas) (right) teamed up with Chief Bankruptcy Judge Frank J. Bailey (Bankr. E.D. MA) (center) to present a program covering notable recent bankruptcy decisions of the past year.
SDNY Chapter and Bankruptcy Section Cosponsor Judicial Recognition and Social Event

On January 27, 2014, Chief United States District Judge Loretta A. Preska (S.D.N.Y.), the Southern District of New York Chapter of the FBA and the Bankruptcy Law Section of the FBA cosponsored a judicial recognition and social event for the SDNY bankruptcy judges and staff.

Here's a link to the flyer.


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