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'May God Have Mercy Upon Your Soul': The Life of Capital Punishment
As the gavel crashes onto its block, a solemn statement issued by the judge: "May God have mercy upon your soul." The clinking of handcuffs, familiar uniform, and scuffled walk to a jail cell await.


Unexpected Teamwork in Federal Jury Trials
When you litigate a jury trial, chances are you will find yourself in a contentious case with an aggressive adversary- and locked in a room with that adversary late one evening. If you cannot recall that happening to you, see if these words refresh your recollection: jury instructions and verdict form
Are You a Law Student? Here's How to Capitalize on FBA Benefits
Throughout my law school experience, my Federal Bar Association (FBA) membership has remained the most enjoyable, advantageous, and influential opportunity for life-after-law-school career development.
Appeal Rights Waivers: A Constitutionally Dubious Bargain
One of the most common provisions in plea agreements in federal criminal cases is the appeal rights waiver. In such a provision, the defendant consents to waive any right to file an appeal from the conviction and sentence or to otherwise challenge the judgement after its entry.
A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: How Inadequate Protection From Retaliation Discourages Reporting of Sexual Harassment
In the past few years, Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Harvey Weinstein, Mark Halperin, and Travis Kalanick (to name a few) have been accused of-and in many cases settled substantial claims for-sexual harassment and sexual assault.
Dynamics of Contemporary Indian and Malaysian Federalism: An Overview
The conception of federalism developed with the American federal system, which is regarded as the mother of all federal systems. The concept of the federal state took a definite shape with the adoption of the Constitution of the United States of America in 1787.