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Rhode Island: The Biggest Little State in the Union!
Rhode Island is the smallest state , has the longest official name (State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations), has the longestoperating tavern in the country (it never satisfied the 18th Amendment), and more shipwrecks per square mile than any other state (coincidence?), has a chicken for the state bird, coffee milk for the state drink, the largest insect in the country (Big Blue Bug, 58 ft), and is the only state with a tax return that features smiling and frowning faces. What's there not to like?


Rhode Island Federal Courts
A history of Rhode Island Federal Courts.
Too Many Lawyers—Is it Really a Problem?
Recent surveys suggest that many lawyers, as well as a significant portion of the general public, believe that an oversaturation of lawyers exists in the profession. Are there too many lawyers, or is the "too many lawyers" outcry simply a convenient catch phrase that encapsulates multiple different pressures facing lawyers and legal professionals today?
E-Discovery and Class Actions: Limiting Discovery Disputes with Special Masters
The appointment of a special master alleviates the burdens of electronic discovery in very specific ways.
Special Masters Versus Magistrate Judges: No Contest
Many district judges and magistrate judges are inappropriately timid about using special masters. Find out why.