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In-House Counsel
By the FBA Corporate and Association Counsel Division Board


Hiring and Compensation Trends for In-House Counsel
A Discussion with Heather Fine, Managing Director of Major, Lindsey & Africa
Corporate Governance
A Discussion with Margaret (Peggy) Foran, Vice President, Secretary, and Chief Governance Officer for Prudential Financial
Proxy Voting
A Discussion with Robert McCormick, Chief Policy Officer of Glass Lewis & Co.
U.S. Healthcare and the Affordable Care Act
A Discussion with William Schultz, General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Modern Corporate Directors
A Discussion with Steven Walker, General Counsel, Secretary, and Head of Board Advisory Services at the National Association of Corporate Directors
Companies and Countries with Female Corporate Directors Outperform
Recent research has shown that companies with female directors tend to financially outperform their peers, and as board gender diversity becomes a hot topic, shareholders are taking notice. Not only that, but it is possible that by adding women to corporate boards, corporations can positively affect the entire United States—and global economy.
Does Copying an In-House Lawyer on Corporate Privileged??
Attorneys—and clients—often assume that the inclusion of an attorney as a recipient of a communication—or even just “copying” an in-house counsel on an e mail’s circulation—automatically shields the document from prying eyes. This assumption is not only inaccurate, but the issue has become more pronounced in the past two decades.
35 Years Later: A Look at Harmless Error Under the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978
The 1978 Civil Service Reform Act mandated harmless error review for all types of procedural errors in civil service adverse action appeals. That mandate has been evaded, eroded, and weakened by 35 years of erroneous decisions. That mandate needs to be renewed.