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FBA Past Presidents Discuss Women in the Law
Comments by past female FBA Presidents Ellen M. Lazarus, Adrienne A. Berry, Jackie A. Goff, Joyce E. Kitchens, Juanita Sales Lee, Ashley L. Belleau, Fern C. Bomchill.


A Day in the Life
Martha Hardwick Hofmeister, Carol Wild Scott, and Dawn E. Stern
Share Your Story of Power and Progress
with stories from Jessica L. Cleary, Wendy Hickock Robinson, Erica Benites Giese, and Stephanie Marchman
Women of Color in Legal Education
Female law professors of color are the canaries in the academic mine whose plight is an early warning of the dangers that threaten legal education and the future of the legal profession.
Sentencing Inequality Versus Sentencing Injustice
This essay considers the empirical evidence showing that women receive more lenient treatment from the American criminal justice system than men.
Commentary: Is the Third Metric the Key?
While women have made strides in increasing their numbers entering the legal practice and, to a limited extent, in the tech world, two areas remain the last bastion of men: tech law and the top echelons of law firms.
The Dynamic Nature of Islam’s Legal System with Reference to Muslim Women
Presently, a struggle for gender equation is emerging within the world of Islam.
Women Developing a Book of Business
This article addresses tips on how to develop your book of business and “stay visible.”
The Continuing Gender Gap in Legal Education
Gender disparity in law school continues both inside and out of the classroom. These effects spill over as women enter the legal workforce and are exacerbated by similar institutional problems across the profession.
What I Have Learned Along the Way
FBA Board Member Beth Smith shares her thoughts about what she has learned along her way as an attorney, business owner, boss, employee, member of multiple bar associations, and as a woman.