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Commemorating the Civil Rights Act of 1964
A look back at at the progress our country has made since the creation of the Civil Rights Act by President Kennedy in 1963, and the ultimate signing by President Johnson on February 10, 1964.


Celebrating 50 Years of the Right to Counsel in Federal Court
Explore the history behind the Criminal Justice Act, which was a significant step toward securing a meaningful right to counsel in the nation’s federal courts.
When Entertainment Law Makes a Cameo
An Insider’s Guide to Issues That May Be Relevant in Your Practice Area
Incarceration for Civil Contempt: Noncompliance Is Its Own Reward
What happens in civil litigation or bankruptcy when a person subject to the court’s jurisdiction flat out refuses to comply with a court order, without justification?
Crowdsourced Prior Art
The Highest Standard of Care with Manageable Discovery Risk
Before Midnight
Deadlines, Diligence, and the Practice of Law