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Canine Constables and the Fourth Amendment
Earlier this year, the Supreme Court issued two opinions regarding police officers’ use of drug detection dogs. In doing so, the Court not only weighed individual privacy rights against the government’s interest in law enforcement, it also revisited the analytical approaches underpinning its still-evolving Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.


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“Bring Your Gun to Work” Laws and Workplace Violence Prevention
What are the requirements and limitations faced by employers seeking to protect employees from acts of violence that occur in the workplace?
Innovative Approaches to Managing Mass Toxic Tort Cases
For corporations, mass toxic tort litigation often heralds the arrival of negative publicity, shareholder anxiety, government investigations, and skyrocketing litigation costs. Fortunately, there are several strategies and proactive efforts that corporations can utilize to curtail the impacts of defending mass tort litigation.
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Are Judges in the Eleventh Circuit Seizing More Control?