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Still a Legal "Cinderella"? Why the Immigration Courts Remain an Ill-Treated Stepchild Today
You say to yourself, "Immigration courts, they don’t affect me so why should I bother to read that article?" Read on, I say, and you will quickly learn that regardless of the focus of your legal practice, there is much to be learned and most of it quite interesting. This article will put the importance of the work of the immigration courts into perspective, and give you a peek into the larger legal issues and ramifications of the workings of this often misunderstood tribunal. You will see how these developments are quickly making a basic understanding of the structure of immigration law a "must-know" for all competent lawyers.


Workplace Enforcement and Immigration: The Evolution of an Annual FBA Program in Chicago
The complexity of immigration issues, the implications for our society and for the security of our country, and the crossover into multiple areas of law all make the FBA the ideal bar association to examine immigration issues from different perspectives.

This article reviews the evolution of an FBA program in the Chicago Chapter to look at workplace enforcement and immigration.
Vanishing Visibility: How Particular Social Group Requirements Have Changed in the Third Circuit’s Asylum Cases
In reviewing an asylum denial based on fear of gang recruitment, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals takes the Board of Immigration Appeals to task over adding requirements to what constitutes a particular social group. The Third Circuit held that the addition of the requirements of "social visability" and "particularity" were inconsistent with prior adminstrative and federal decisions. In this article, the authors detail this landmark ruling and the state of the law it impacts.