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Bits of Ribbon and Stolen Valor
American military medals and decorations serve the important function of publicly honoring the service, sacrifice, and superior performance of the award recipients. Such awards generate laudation not only within the military community but also among the American public. Unfortunately, there are individuals who claim military awards and honors that they never earned.


Federal Courts and the Communicative Value of Visual Art: Is an Intended Message Required for Strong Protection of Rights Under the First Amendment?
Art and the determination of whether something qualifies as art have been the subject of vigorous debate for centuries. Federal courts addressing First Amendment protection for art have sometimes agreed that the key to protection is the communicative value of the work at issue. Others—in both law and other disciplines—have argued, however, that to qualify as art, the work must carry some component that is aesthetically pleasing.
Hanging by a Thread: Finding Arbitrability Without Clear Evidence of a Contract
It is not unusual for business deals to fall apart just at the moment everyone thought they were concluded. Well, perhaps not everyone felt that way actually about half of those involved did. The other half felt that it was just a potential deal that never came together. If and how businesses may seek an arbitrated resolution of these disputes is the subject of this article.