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After the Crash: Banking and the Criminal Implications of Check Kiting
The banking crisis of the past few years is not only the result of failures on Wall Street, but the result of check kiting schemes that range from actual criminal intent of the participants to negligent business practices of banks and customers. All bank officers and employees need to be trained to recognize check kiting schemes and the civil and criminal implications for the participants and the bank.


Federal Court Practitioners Serve as Mentors to Newly Admitted Attorneys: The Supreme Court of Ohio’s Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Program
This article, written by Justice O’Donnell specifically for The Federal Lawyer, is intended both as an explanation of the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Program and its significant and positive impact on the profession as well as a tribute to the enduring efforts of the late Ohio Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer to increase civility and professionalism within both the state and federal courts.
A Time for Change, A Time for Hope: The Alternative Minimum Tax’s Adverse Effects on Large Families and Congress’ Season to Change It
The following feature is an abridged version of the winning essay of the 2010 Writing Competition awarded by the FBA’s Section on Taxation.