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An Early Review of Iqbal in the Circuit Courts
In the first eight months after the Iqbal decision was published some 5,200 federal court opinions cited it. The circuits are busy interpreting, refining, and applying Iqbal’s teachings to actual pleadings in a variety of matters. Several of the opinions already issued by the courts of appeals give us some early insight into where pleading law is headed and how much practical impact the Supreme Court’s ruling will have in the future.


Judicial Restraint in International Law
This article addresses two significant and so far unexplored questions in today’s practice of international law: (1) why it is so important that courts throughout the world exercise judicial restraint when faced with issues of international law; and (2) what the U.S. government is doing to contribute toward this goal.
In Summary of Summaries
Summary trial exhibits can be effective tools for teaching and persuading a jury. Understanding the different types of summaries and evidentiary standards that apply is crucial when preparing for the use of summary exhibits at trial.
Cross-Examination of An Expert Witness
The best cross-examination of an expert starts before the witness takes the stand.