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The Tribal Law and Order Act: An Aggressive Fight Worth Winning
Introduced last year with bipartisan support by retiring Sen. Byron L. Dorgan, chair of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, S. 797 is long overdue. But time may be quickly running out.


Sovereign Immunity and Tribal Commercial Activity: A Legal Summary and Policy Check
Historically, sovereign immunity has been routed in deference to the sovereign, in protecting government resources, and in leaving a long-recognized doctrine alone, or at least leaving it to the legislative branch. Where do these rationales and attacks fit with respect to...
Resolving Perilous Uncertainty
If an Indian tribe purchases land on the open market, without any federal involvement, and holds its fee simple absolute title, should the tribe be forced to obtain an act of Congress to sell it?
The 35th Anniversary of the FBA Indian Law Conference: Numbers, Notes, and Tidbits
A brief history of the who, what, when, and why of this premier event.