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The Judicial Conference of the United States: Where Federal Court Policy Is Made
Visitors to a federal courthouse, even those who visit frequently, may not fully understand the link between what they see and hear there and the policymaking Judicial Conference of the United States. Building security, courtroom technology, clerk’s office staffing, rules of practice and procedure, and even courthouse design are among the varied reflections of decisions made by the Judicial Conference as it carries out its fundamental purpose...


The Federal Courthouse Serves as a Symbol of Justice
Whether a stand-alone or multi-use building, new or old,located in a parklike setting or in the heart of downtown, the federal courthouse is a physical embodiment of justice and the rule of law.
Judicial Security Poses Continuing Challenge
Sometimes the difficult decisions federal judges must make trigger hard feelings; and, as a result, disgruntled litigants or their families sometimes can become dangerous and unpredictable.
How the Judiciary Gets its Funding
Even though the judiciary’s total budget is only two-tenths of 1 percent of the overall federal budget, an adequately funded federal judiciary is vital not only to ensuring our nation’s economic and homeland security but also to maintaining the rule of law.
Judicial Salaries: An Urgent Need Unmet
“Seasoned judges are choosing not to remain on the bench; potential candidates are discouraged from seeking appointment to the bench; and the federal bench is losing the ...
Administrative Office of the United States Courts: A Federal Agency Like No Other
The Federal Lawyer asked James C. Duff, the director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO), to give readers a closer look at the agency he leads.
The Federal Judicial Center Offers Training and Research
The Federal Lawyer asked U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein to give readers a closer look at the Federal Judicial Center.
PACER Brings Court Records to the Public
What is PACER? Who has access to PACER? Who uses PACER?
Educational Outreach: Diverse Programs for a Diverse Audience
The Judiciary's outreach programs connect courts to their communities throughout the country.
Using the “New” Internet for the Judiciary’s Communications
As the media reinvents itself, the Administrative Office of the United States Courts is exploring new ways to reach the media and the public at large.