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Climate Change: A Heat Wave of New Federal Regulation and Legislation
Climate change lies at the intersection of the nation’s environmental, energy, and economic agendas, and addressing this important concern poses a multitude of unique issues for policymakers in the Obama administration and in Congress. Among them are whether existing statutory authorities should provide the framework for regulatory action or whether new legislation would be more suitable, and what role should be left for the individual states in addressing this national and global concern. Addressing these questions has been the first environmental priority of the new administration and Congress and will likely dominate the agenda for years to come.


Development of Energy Infrastructure: Will Taxpayers’ Money Stimulate Environmental Reform?
Expectations for growth in our energy infrastructure are apt to run into a labyrinth of federal, state, and local laws designed to mitigate or avoid the environmental impacts of our energy generation, transportation/transmission, and consumption. Can such protections be streamlined?
Using Collaboration to Address Renewable Energy Siting Challenges
A carefully considered and effectively implemented stakeholder engagement plan can dispel misunderstandings about a project, improve project design, and reduce legal challenges.
Honest Services Fraud: The Future of Prosecutions for Environmental Crimes?
For more than 30 years, federal prosecutors have relied on a powerful, yet controversial, criminal charging provision to prosecute a number of high-profile government officials and private individual
The Justice Department’s Environment & Natural Resources Division Celebrates 100th Anniversary
This November, the Environment & Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice—the nation’s environmental lawyer and the largest environmental law practice in the country—celebrates its centennial anniversary.