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The Employee Free Choice Act: An Improper Vehicle to Remedy the Problems of Working Americans
Because of our very different post-1950s society, Congress’ efforts to reform labor law—even through the extreme methods proposed in the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)—will not improve the overall conditions currently plaguing American workers.


Relief for Undocumented Students: The Dream Act—A Piece of the Puzzle in Overall Immigration Reform or a Puzzle with Missing Pieces?
Advocates are rallying around legislation without understanding that, as written, many people who meet the criteria advanced in support of the change of the law will be unable to obtain relief. Furthermore, by using a narrow definition, equally situated individuals are not treated equally.
Consequences of Economic and Corporate Changes on Foreign Workers
What are the effects, under current law, of reductions in company operations and staffing levels or of changes in corporate ownership or structure on the company’s sponsored foreign workers in the United States? Effects of proposed company changes on its sponsored foreign workers—individuals who are often in critical positions in the company—should be considered well before the effective date of the change.
The State of E-Verify: What Every Employer Should Know
Although the federal government does not currently require employers to participate in the government’s E-Verify program (an Internet-based system that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees), a growing number of states are requiring some or all employers to use E-Verify.
H-2B or Not To Be
Guest workers have been a part of the U.S. economy for our entire history. New regulations provide a solid, workable framework for businesses to employ temporary unskilled workers in many necessary industries. However, the economy of the United States would benefit by allowing the market to control the flow of unskilled laborers into the country.