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Is Federal Immigration Detention Space Adequate?
This article examines the historic challenges facing the nation’s immigration detention program, along with the efforts to improve the future of the program through an “endgame” approach. While intended to allow the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to meet its detention commitments by 2012, recent analysis of ICE’s progress on this endgame suggests that the government has fallen off course.


Midyear Meeting 2007 Wrap-up
This year’s FBA Midyear Meeting was held on March 23–24 in Arlington, Va.
Alternative Options for Employers to Consider in Light of the H-1B Visa Cap
The H-1B visa cap is once again in the forefront of business immigration practice and congressional debate. Most users of the U.S. visa system know that the 65,000 H-1B visa cap for the current fiscal year (Oct. 1, 2007 to Sept. 30, 2008) was reached on the very first day new petitions could be filed—April 2, 2007. Employers must look to alternative visa options for their foreign national employees and for those they hope to hire.