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The ESI Revolution: Preparing for E-Discovery in Light of the New Federal Rules
This article explores some of the key amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and provides an overview of best practices for meeting the electronic data management challenges that the changes implicate.


The Death of E-Discovery
This author discusses how he believes that e-discovery is turning into the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure’s equivalent of the Y2K problem.
Using Technology to Manage Complex Cases
When used strategically, technology can be a boon. However, technology can be a waste of time and money when it is not implemented in the right case, at the right time, and in the right manner.
Lost in Cyberspace: Issues Affecting Employers and Employees in Today’s Technological World
Blogs, cyber attacks, and social network background checks are just a few of the merging phenomena in the workplace. As laws addressing these technological advances slowly develop, employers and employees struggle with how to deal with these issues as well as their respective rights and duties.
Staying Connected in Court: The Status and Impact of Local Rules on Cell Phones and PDA Usage
It has become almost commonplace for presentations, meetings, or even depositions to momentarily be disrupted by the sudden piercing noise of a colleague’s cell phone—or your own. Yet, like society as a whole, the legal profession cannot escape the wireless revolution.