Chapter Resources

These resources are available for chapter leaders to help them effectively manage operations of their chapter as well as to spark collaboration.


Chapter Activity Fund

Outreach to Military Attorneys

As part of our outreach to military attorneys, we strongly urge you to reach out to the judge advocates of local military installations and invite them your programs as either guests or speakers as appropriate. We also suggest as a recruiting tool, that chapters consider setting a special rate for military attorneys for programs which are fee based.

Model Letters to Congress

The National office of the Federal Bar Association needs your help. We are requesting that each chapter and its members contact Congress immediately to urge action so as to avoid the automatic budget cuts that will cripple the federal court system. Your chapter's communication with Congress is critical. This package contains information on the issue, its importance and how you can help.

Chapter Programming

This report is a compilation of the principal events held by chapters across the country. They have been summarized and presented for reference as new FBA chapter presidents plan event and bar activities. The FBA chapter presidents in 2010 have done an excellent job at planning and holding significant legal events that advance the objectives and mission of the Federal Bar Association.

Membership Ideas

Looking for ways to revitalize your Chapter by attracting new members and retaining existing ones? Check out the ideas/tips below and pick the ones that best fit your Chapter.

Specialty Items

Specialty items make great speaker gifts or are ideal for member recognition and are available for purchase through the online store.

Sample Membership Plan

Recognizing that the strength of FBA is in the vitality of its Chapters, X Chapter hereby adopts the following Membership Plan. The Plan is guided by FBA’s Best Membership Practices: (1) RETAIN existing members, (2) ATTRACT new members, and (3) LEAD by having a designated Chapter leader who is responsible for execution of the Chapter’s Membership Plan.


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