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President’s Message: The Importance of Mentoring

During the coming year, the FBA focuses on “Civics and Service to Others.” An important component of such service is mentoring. I was fortunate to have mentors while in law school, as a law clerk to a federal judge, and while in private practice—including, among many others, Hon. Jack Sherman Jr., Hon. Nathaniel R. Jones, Bill Williams, Cliff Kuhn, Dean Barbara Watts, Charlie Faruki, Mike Hawkins, Mark VanderLaan, and George Vincent. I am grateful to the lawyers who met with me, took me to lunch, discussed their practice, and gave me advice.

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Our Founding Fathers understood the need for an independent Judiciary, which was created under Article III of the United States Constitution. The Judicial Branch is one of one of the three separate and distinct branches of the federal government. The other two are the legislative and executive branches.

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