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Ten Tips for Effective Brief Writing

Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Terrence L. Michael (N.D. Okla.) offers his "Ten Tips for Effective Brief Writing"

Contribute to The Victims of Human Trafficking

FBA Members: Donate to Eden House along with the FBA Board of Directors and help the victims of human trafficking.

A Guide to the Federal Magistrate Judge System

There are currently 531 full-time Magistrate Judges in the United States District Courts. Among their many responsibilities, Magistrate Judges conduct mediations, resolve discovery disputes, and decide a wide variety of motions. This white paper explores the importance of this critical position.

What Lawyers Need to Know About the Heartbleed Bug

April 9, 2014, computer researchers announced that a massive vulnerability for websites that use a certain web encryption software called OpenSSL. This vulnerability, called the "Heartbleed bug," allows potential eavesdropping on users' communications on websites using OpenSSL.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Recent Comments

The Federal Bar Association has submitted comments to the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference of the United States. The FBA supports the proposed amendment of Rule 37(e) of the Fed. R. Civ. P. concerning preservation of evidence and sanctions for spoliation. The FBA opposes amendments that would add new presumed limits on depositions, interrogatories and requests for admissions.

Monuments Men, Nazi Stolen Art and the FBA

The Federal Bar Association supports the creation of a commission to address the identification and ownership issues related to artworks unlawfully taken during the Nazi regime but remain unreturned to their rightful owners.

Senator Tom Coburn's Senate Floor Remarks on Judge Bacharach

Here are Senator Tom Coburn's remarks made on the U.S. Senate Floor about Judge Bacharach on the day he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

New Circuit Executive Position For the U.S. Courts

Deputy Circuit Executive, Paul Benjamin Anderson, Jr., will succeed Greg Nussel as Circuit Executive for the U.S. Courts, Fifth Judicial Circuit effective September 4, 2013. At the direction of Chief U.S. Circuit Judge Carl E. Stewart, our office seeks to fill the position Mr. Anderson will soon vacate.

FBA Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee

On Tuesday, July 3, the Federal Bar Association testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Courts.

FBA Leaders Urge Congress to Act on Court Funding, Judicial Vacancies

SCOTUS: Congress Violated Constitution's Compensation Clause for Federal Judiciary

Interview: Bruce Moyer on Sequestration

On March 26 Bruce Moyer, the Federal Bar Association's Counsel for Government Relations, discussed the impact of sequestration on the federal courts in an interview on FedNewsRadio.

The FBA on CNN - How budget cuts will affect the federal justice system

Federal Bar Association referenced in a CNN report on how budget cuts will affect the federal justice system

Filibuster Reforms Could Aid Judicial Confirmations Process

New changes in the Senate's procedures governing filibusters could trim the amount of time it takes to approve federal district judicial nominations.

Federal Judges Honored for Lifetime of Service

Five senior federal judges who share the unique distinction of being both World War II veterans and Federal Judges from the Eastern District of New York were honored this week at an event celebrating a lifetime of service to our country. The Federal Bar Association, EDNY Chapter, celebrated the lives and careers of Hon. I. Leo Glasser, Hon. Thomas C. Platt, Hon. Arthur D. Spatt, Hon. Jack B. Weinstein and Hon. Leonard D. Wexler.

Immigration Courts Suffer Widening Case Backlog, Despite Increase in Numbers of Judges

A report issued on November 1, 2012 by the Department of Justice's Inspector General has found that the Department's immigration courts have become less productive despite hiring more judges to handle deportation cases.

About U.S. Federal Courts

Our Founding Fathers understood the need for an independent Judiciary, which was created under Article III of the United States Constitution. The Judicial Branch is one of one of the three separate and distinct branches of the federal government. The other two are the legislative and executive branches.

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