Wills for Veterans Initiative

The Federal Bar Association is pleased to announce Wills for Veterans, a new initiative of the FBA that began at the national level in February 2017. The Wills for Veterans Initiative is a pro bono project where FBA chapters will provide will drafting and signing services to any veterans in their local area. The FBA encourages all chapters to take part in this program on Thursday, November 9th, to coincide with Veterans Day (November 11th), although all chapters are free to hold it on another day of their choosing.

The Dayton Bar Association held their first Wills for Veterans program this past November and it was a huge success. While all FBA chapters are free to plan and execute their program as they see fit, here is a template on how the Dayton program was run, to hopefully assist each chapter in planning and executing their own program.

For Veterans seeking assistance contact the FBA at Fba@fedbar.org.

Get Involved!

At this time, we are asking all chapters to designate a Wills for Veterans Liaison for their chapter. The Liaison will undertake the Wills for Veterans project for their chapter and serve as the point-of-contact for their chapter with FBA National. Once your chapter has designated a liaison, please send their name and contact information to Kate Rust. If you have any updates regarding your chapter’s Wills for Veterans program such as scheduled date, location or any additional details, please send that information as well.

If you have any questions regarding the Wills for Veterans initiative, please contact Todd Hedgepeth of the San Antonio Chapter. Todd will be leading this national initiative and he will be your primary contact.



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