Federal Bar Association Announces Inaugural National Community Outreach Project

March 11, 2016

Federal Bar Association Announces Inaugural National Community Outreach Project
Funding for Nationwide Program Provided by the Foundation of the FBA

Arlington, VA – The Federal Bar Association has announced its National Community Outreach Project (NCOP), in which FBA chapters across the nation will work in conjunction with federal district courts throughout the month of April to educate the community on the federal court system. Most of the programs involve bringing in middle school and high school students from lower income areas to observe court proceedings, speak with lawyers, and meet judges.

This will be many of these students’ first experience with federal courts and their first opportunity to meet federal judges. The NCOP is designed to engender trust in the federal justice system in communities where trust in the justice system has been damaged by recent events, and to inspire students to consider a role in the justice system in the future. The Foundation of the Federal Bar Association has provided funding to bring this distinguished and innovative program to more than 15 federal districts across the nation, involving hundreds of members of those communities.

“The National Community Outreach Project sponsored by the Foundation is an extremely effective way to not only educate individuals about our judicial system but to integrate our citizenry, exposing them to those who are ultimately the guardians of our democratic liberties and the true guarantors of access to justice,” describes Nestor M. Mendez, president of the Foundation of the Federal Bar Association.

The Federal Bar Association has made community outreach a priority, and hopes to make the NCOP an annual event. “It is important to share with the community the benefits of access to the courts. These programs allow us to show students a favorable view of the judicial system. Participating in the community outreach events is a rewarding aspect of being an FBA member,” notes Sheri Mecklenburg, chair of the FBA Community Outreach Committee, which is tasked with designing and implementing community outreach programming through FBA chapters across the nation. The Federal Bar Association is grateful to be working in conjunction with the courts that have agreed to host these programs in April.

NCOP Details: The following chapters and sections will participate in the inaugural National Community Outreach Project:

Capitol Hill Chapter • Central District of Illinois Chapter • Chicago Chapter • Dayton Chapter • Eastern District of North Carolina Chapter • Massachusetts Chapter • Middle District of Pennsylvania Chapter • New Orleans Chapter • Oklahoma City Chapter • Orlando Chapter • Palm Beach Chapter • Phoenix Chapter • San Diego Chapter • Section on Taxation • South Carolina Chapter • Southern District of New York Chapter • Tampa Bay Chapter • Utah Chapter

Media: The Federal Bar Association will provide journalists, law firms, community organizers, and businesses interested in covering this year’s National Community Outreach Project with information and access to judges, lawyers, and the Foundation of the Federal Bar Association board members.


About the Federal Bar Association
The Association consists of more than 17,000 federal lawyers, including 1,200 federal judges, who work together to promote the sound administration of justice, quality, and independence of the judiciary. Through its multifaceted programs, the FBA advocates on federal issues that impact the practice of federal lawyers and the courts; provides opportunities for scholarship and education to the profession; delivers opportunities for judges and attorneys to professionally and socially interact; and promotes high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct. The mission of the federal bar association includes serving not just the interests of federal judiciary and the federal practitioner, but also the interests of the community that they serve.

About the Foundation of the Federal Bar Association
The Foundation of the Federal Bar Association, chartered by Congress in 1954, provides funding to support community service or outreach projects that involve Federal Bar Association chapter participation. The Foundation provides support for the conduct of research, programs, education relating to the federal courts and federal jurisprudence, the structure and operation of the courts, the independence of the judiciary, federal jurisprudence, and the relevance of the rule of law to society.