Great Ideas

1. The National Education Project Bill of Rights Celebration – Grant Money Available

The Project has offering to provide 50 grants of $300.00 each (one for each state) to chapters of the Federal Bar Association (FBA) willing to participate in the "Bill of Rights Day 2018 - Birthday Cake Celebration” under the terms of the grant, the celebration must take place on  Friday, December 14, 2018.  FBA Chapters may select elementary schools in their own communities and provide a birthday cake to the classes in these schools that are studying the Bill of Rights (i.e., depending on the state, these may be 4th, 5th, or 6th grade classes).  In addition, Chapters will be provided with a downloadable copy of the Bill of Rights to be distributed in classrooms.  The Project anticipates that one $300 grant will provide birthday cakes for 10 classrooms (i.e., at $20 per cake), plus utensils, with the goal of reaching 12,500 children all across the country.  In 2017, elementary school children, their teachers, and local police officers (serving as cake delivery people) participated in Cleveland, Miami Beach, Oklahoma City, and Washington, D.C.

2. Judge Newman Visits with 600 students at Springboro Junior High School

3. The Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Civics Initiative at Work

On October 10, 2017, 150 students, chaperones, and teachers from the Mariemont Junior high school toured the U.S. Potter Stewart Courthouse. The students learned about the many types of careers that help our courts function, and spoke with U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen Litkovitz (pictured), Clerk's Office staff, and the U.S. Marshal Service as part of a special "behind the scenes" view of the courthouse.

4. The Long Island Mentor Moot Court Competition

In November, the EDNY Chapter sponsored the Second Annual Long Island Mentor Moot Court Competition. The competition is in the form of a mock oral argument in which the students play the role of lawyers arguing before the United States Supreme Court on a constitutional question. Lawyers from several firms on Long Island and students for Hofstra University Law School volunteered their time as mentors in order to prepare the teams for the competition.

5. Judge Newman and Michael Rhinehart hosted Tippecanoe High School

Judge Newman and Michael Rhinehart hosted Tippecanoe High School from Tipp City, Ohio – nearly 40 more students visiting the Dayton Federal Courthouse this academic year – bringing the total of students in Dayton who have met with a federal judge closer to 1,400!

6. Judge Newman, career law clerk Michael Rhinehart, and Tippecanoe High School teacher Randy Sentman.

6. Judge Newman and Michael Rhinehart met with students at Versaillles High School.

The FBA's Judicial Liaison for Civics, Judge Michael Newman, and his career law clerk, Mike Rhinehart, met with more than 90 high school students at Versaillles High School in Versailles, Ohio earlier this week to talk about the workings of the Federal Courts. This school year (2017-18), federal judges in the Dayton, Ohio seat of court have met with more than 1,400 elementary, middle, and high school students as part of the FBA's national civics initiative. These school outreach efforts are in addition to the 10,000 students all across the country who met in the past year with a federal judge pursuant to the civics initiative.

Other Events

1. On January 11, 2018, FBA national president Kip Bollin, former President Judge Newman, Tipp City, Ohio high school social studies teacher Randy Sentman, and Judge Newman’s law clerk, Mike Rhinehart, appeared on the public affairs show “Cincinnati Edition” on Cincinnati Public Radio 91.7 to talk about the FBA‘s national civics program and essay contest.

Judge Newman and Michael Rhinehart with producer Selena Reder after the show.


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