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Bankruptcy Judgeships Legislation Signed Into Law

President Trump on October 26 signed legislation (H.R. 2266) that extends 14 temporary bankruptcy judgeships for five years and creates four new bankruptcy judgeships.

FAQ: Making Sense of the Jones Act Waiver for Puerto Rico

The Jones Act, as commonly known, is part of the Merchant Shipping Act of 1920, 41 Stat. 988 (1920). The act was sponsored by Senator Wesley R. Jones, from Washington State, which is how it acquired its name.

Relief Assistance for Puerto Rico

While the scope of the crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria dominates the news across the country, the resilience of our FBA colleagues to recover and rebuild remains steadfast. Oreste Ramos, a national FBA leader and attorney in San Juan, has shared his firsthand account of conditions on the island and an appeal for continued support.

Results of Membership Vote on Constitutional Amendments

Pursuant to the FBA’s Constitution and Bylaws, from September 28 to October 12 eligible voters of the general FBA membership were provided the opportunity to consider and cast votes on two proposed amendments to the FBA Constitution regarding clarification of the leadership position of Vice Presidents for the Circuits and the establishment of a Clerk of Court Associate membership category.


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