Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I update my account information online?
A: Yes. Go to and under member resources click the MyFBA option, then choose the “Update my Profile” option. If you are a first time user of MyFBA, login with the email address you provided as your user ID. Your default password is your last name. This is where you’ll be able to update your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address information.

Q: What is the FBA membership year?
A: FBA membership is annual and is based on your join anniversary date. If you join the FBA on or after the first day of a month, your dues payment covers your membership for an entire year from that date. FBA membership dues are not prorated.

Q: Are my FBA membership dues tax deductible?
A: Contributions and dues to the FBA may be deductible by members under provisions of the IRS code, such as an ordinary and necessary business expense, except 4.5 percent that is used for congressional lobbying and is not deductible. Your FBA dues include $14 for a yearly subscription of the FBA’s professional magazine.

Q: How much does it cost to join a section or division?
A: Most sections and divisions charge annual membership fees. The fees differ from one specialty group to another, with some offering free or discounted membership for select members. Contact the membership department at (571) 481-9100 to verify any section or division dues amounts.

Q: Do I need to belong to an FBA chapter in order to join the national organization?
A: Yes, all FBA members must belong to their local chapter or an at-large chapter if no local chapter is available. Members can only belong to one chapter.

Q: How can I check the status of my membership?
A: You can view the status of your membership on your MyFBA page.

Q: When will I receive my renewal notice?
A: Membership renewal notices are sent out two months before your membership expiration date.

Q: Does the FBA have special dues rates for student members?
A: As a student at an accredited law school in the United States, there are memberships available based on the year you are currently in. The most any student will pay per year is $20, and there are discounts available for being a member during your entire time in law school. First- year students can get a four-year membership for $50 that covers year 1 and up to one year post graduation. Second-year students can get a three-year membership for $30 that covers year 2 plus up to one year post graduation. Third-year students can get a two-year membership for $20 that covers year 3 plus up to one year post graduation.

Q: I just completed law school and have not taken the bar; can I still renew my membership?
A: The FBA gives law school graduates free associate membership for up to one year following graduation. No action is required on your part. At the end of the first year post-graduation, you need to submit your bar admittance information to join the FBA as an active member.

Q: Can I get a replacement membership card?
A: Yes. If your card is lost or damaged and you are an active FBA member, you can call the FBA membership department and request a replacement card. A new card will be mailed to you in 7-10 business days.

Q: How can I get in touch with the Federal Bar Association national office?
A: The FBA can be reached by phone at (571) 481-9100; by fax at (571) 481-9090; by email at; online at; and via mail at 1220 North Fillmore Street, Suite 444, Arlington, VA 22201.


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