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Serving the federal practitioner and the federal judiciary since 1920.

The Federal Bar Association (FBA) is dedicated to promoting the welfare, interests, education, and professional development of attorneys involved in federal law. With more than 17,000 members—including 1,200 federal judges—its members run the gamut of federal practice, from small to large firms, corporations and federal agencies. The FBA serves as the catalyst for communication between the bar and the bench, as well as the private and public sectors.

You’re In Good Company
Why Is FBA Membership Important?
Membership is important because the FBA:

  • monitors and advocates on federal issues that impact the practice of federal lawyers and the courts
  • organizes events for judges and attorneys to network professionally and interact socially
  • provides opportunities for scholarship and continuing education
  • communicates with members on current federal issues
  • promotes high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct

What Benefits Does Membership Provide?
Joining the FBA entitles you to membership within the national organization as well as within your local FBA chapter. Members receive a host of special benefits designed to uphold the mission of the FBA and support each member’s career within the federal legal system. Association activities and member benefits are organized into five primary categories.
The organization’s headquarters are located outside of Washington, D.C., in Arlington, Va., giving it the proximity necessary to remain engaged on behalf of its members.

  • government relations efforts as defined by the FBA Issues Agenda
  • annual Capitol Hill Day
  • monthly updates on recent government relations developments
Networking and Leadership
The FBA is large enough to have an impact on the federal legal profession, but small enough to provide opportunities for networking and leadership. The FBA is governed by a 15-member, elected, Board of Directors and numerous volunteer members.

  • more than 95 chapters across all federal circuits
  • 23 practice area sections
  • six career divisions
  • volunteer leadership opportunities within each chapter, section, and division
The FBA offers more than 700 credit hours of continuing legal education (CLE) at both the national and local level throughout the year.

  • national CLE conferences
  • opportunity to receive up to 12 free CLE credits via audio webinars*    
  • local chapter-sponsored CLE events
Publications and Communication
As part of your membership, you will receive and have access to:

Legal Career Center
The Legal Career Center is an online resource for both employers looking to hire and job seekers looking for a position within the federal legal community. Employers have the option of posting jobs available to the FBA Legal Career Center only, or to the Legal Job Exchange Network that reaches thousands of potential candidates through the network of partner job boards. Job seekers have free access and can use the Legal Career Center to post resumes, search for jobs, and prepare for interviews, as they launch their careers.
FBA Member-Only Advantages

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*This is subject to MCLE requirements for your state. Please note that some states do not approve distance learning credits.


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