Hummels, Mark

The FBA has suffered a terrible loss. On Wednesday, January 30th, the President of the Phoenix FBA chapter, Mark Hummels, was shot and died on Friday, February 1st. Hummel was a partner in the Osborn Maledon PA law firm and was representing a client in a mediation proceeding when he was shot. Several others were also shot at the office park outside Phoenix. Hummels was a litigation and appellate attorney for Phoenix-based Osborn. He was an active member of the FBA for several years and had served as the President of the Phoenix chapter since 2012. Additional information about Mark can be found here.

The memorial service will be held at the Orpheum Theater, 203 West Adams Street, Phoenix, Arizona, at 4:30 PM on Tuesday, February 5, 2013. A reception will follow in the adjoining atrium of Phoenix City Hall.

Charitable donations in Mark's memory and honor may be made to the Mark Hummels Memorial Fund at the Arizona Community Foundation.

A Hummels Children's Fund for the welfare, education and care of Mark’s two children will soon be established and information will be posted on his firm web site.

A Life Cut Short
By Jenna Greene
The National Law Journal

In my journalism school class at the University of California, Berkeley, there were a few in-your-face, abrasive people, the type who seemed to enjoy confrontation.

Mark Hummels was not one of them. I remember him as unflappable, sunny and kind, someone who listened more than he spoke. He rode a unicycle and played the ukulele.

He was possibly the last person I would expect to be the victim of a murderous rampage.