Laura Conover, Secretary

After more than a decade defending all levels of criminal charges from misdemeanors to homicides, Laura left the government to create a private practice as a criminal justice advocate. She was raised in Tucson and cares deeply for the community and the families she gets to work with.

Laura volunteers on a variety of governmental and judicial boards and committees. As her FBA chapter presidency was drawing to a close in Tucson in 2013, she was appointed to the Government Relations Committee, and her growing passion for the Federal Bar Association would become permanent. Each year, Capitol Hill Day became a vehicle for which the Federal Bar Association would become ever more important in educating and updating Congress about the third co-equal branch of Government. The power of the FBA bringing the Judiciary’s voice to Congress had a profound impact on her. She continues to support her local FBA chapter and is thrilled now to join her Alaskan counterpart Darrel Gardner in serving chapter presidents across the vast Ninth Circuit.