National Elections

Notice of Elections for FY2020

The Nominations and Elections Committee (Committee) hereby gives notice that there will be an election for the following officers of the association for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2019: President-elect; Treasurer; one Director who is a past or present Vice President for the Circuits; one Director who is a past or present Section or Division Chair; one Director who is a past or present chapter president; one Director who is, at the time of his or her election to the Board, age 40 years or younger; one Vice President for each of the 12 circuits, and the Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates. Please review specific qualifications for each position at

All officers will assume their elected position on October 1, 2019, and serve the following terms: President-elect and Treasurer, one year; four Directors, three years; and Vice Presidents for the Circuits and ABA delegate, two years. The incumbent President-elect will automatically succeed the incumbent President on October 1, 2019.

Under Article V, Section 3 of the FBA Constitution, there are two ways for members to be listed on the ballot:

  • By nomination of the Nominations and Elections Committee; or
  • By petition: (1) a candidate for national office must be endorsed by not less than 50 members in good standing; and (2) a candidate for Vice President for Circuit must be endorsed by not less than 20 members in good standing of chapters and/or members at large in that particular circuit.

Under Article V, Section 2 of the FBA Constitution, all members of the association at the time of nomination, whose dues are paid for the current fiscal year and who otherwise are in good standing, and meet all other qualifications, as may be required by the Constitution, Bylaws, and policies of the Association, shall be eligible as candidates for any elective office (including directors).

Members interested in being nominated for office by the Committee shall complete and submit the FBA Application for National Office along with an electronic resume and photo to Maria Z. Vathis, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, at, to be received by February 1, 2019. The Committee shall require, at a minimum, that each candidate provide her/his name; place of professional practice (firm, office, court, agency or other); preferred mailing address; contact telephone number; facsimile number; e-mail address; date of FBA membership; and the title of the office sought. Also, the Application shall provide space for a candidate to provide a biographical sketch of his/her qualifications for the office that should include (1) why he or she is seeking national office (2) a description of the candidate's FBA activities and leadership positions; (3) professional experience and awards received; (4) other volunteer activities; (5) what is one significant issue facing the FBA and, as a leader, how would you address the issue? The biographical statement is limited to one page electronic document no larger than 8.5”X11” using 12-point font.

By February 28, 2019, the Committee shall nominate one or more members in good standing for each of the elective offices becoming vacant for the coming term. By April 1, 2019 the Committee shall cause to be mailed or electronically sent to each member in good standing—either in The Federal Lawyer or otherwise—notice of the upcoming annual election and of the offices to be filled therein; of the Committee’s nominations for those offices; and the manner and time by which nominations of candidates may be made by petition as provided in Article V, Section 3.b. of the Constitution and Bylaw 6(C). 

The FBA welcomes and encourages diverse individuals to apply for leadership positions.


Members who have not been nominated for office by the Committee, but who wish to be placed on the ballot for national office, may do so by delivering to Maria Z. Vathis, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, at, a petition, including an Application, specifying the office being sought and bearing the required number of signatures indicated previously. Petitions must be received by April 25, 2019.

In accordance with Bylaw 6(D), by June 15, 2019, the Committee shall cause a Notice of Election to be mailed or transmitted electronically to each member of the Association in good standing. The notice shall list the names of all nominated candidates and candidates by petition in alphabetical order under each elective office. The notice also shall contain such instructions as necessary for members to cast their votes as prescribed by policy adopted by the Board of Directors.

Completed ballots shall be received by the Chair of the Committee or by such person as designated by the Chair no later than June 30, 2019. The Committee shall review and certify the tabulated votes and report as elected the candidate for each office who has received a plurality of the votes cast for that office by July 1, 2019.

In the event that any deadline herein specified is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal federal holiday, the next succeeding business day shall substitute for that specific deadline.

2019 Nominations and Elections Committee
Maria Z. Vathis, President and Chair
Christian K. Adams, President-elect
Kip T. Bollin, Immediate Past President
Michael S. Vitale, Circuit Vice President
Scott P. Lopez, Circuit Vice President
Whitney Sedwick Meister, Section Chair
Robert J. DeSousa, Division Chair
Hon. Robert Bacharach, Chapter Representative
Dawn E. Stern, Chapter Representative

Pursuant to Bylaw 8, Sec. A1, the Nominations and Elections Committee is responsible for administering the procedures applicable to nomination and election of national officers of the Association during the annual election as prescribed in Article V, Section 3, of the Constitution and Bylaw 6. The Committee shall be composed of the President, who shall chair the Committee; President-elect; immediate Past-President; two Vice Presidents for the Circuit designated by the President; a Division chairperson designated by the President-elect; a section Chairperson designated by the President, and two Professional Chapter representatives designated by the President-elect.


Petition Form FY2020 National Office

FBA Application for National Office

National Officer Qualifications

Eligiblity requirements for FBA national officers.

Policy No. 1-1: Procedures for National Elections and Nominations

Policy No.1-4: Endorsement of Candidates for Contested FBA National Office


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