FY2019 Nominated Slate

Pursuant to the FBA Constitution and Bylaws, and in accordance with the notice disseminated earlier this year, the Nominations & Elections Committee has met and considered applications for nomination to FBA national office. The committee has nominated the following members for the offices indicated.

Christian K. Adams President-Elect
W. West Allen Treasurer
Hon. Karoline Mehalchick Director (Group 1-Vice Presidents for the Circuits)
John R. Thomas, Jr. Director (Group 2-Chairs for the Sections and Divisions)
Kevin A. Maxim Director (Group 3-Chapter Presidents)
Jessica R. Toplin Director (Group 4-Younger Lawyers)
Scott P. Lopez Vice President for the First Circuit
Ernest T. Bartol Vice President for the Second Circuit
Frank J. McGovern Vice President for the Third Circuit
Hannah Rogers Metcalfe Vice President for the Fourth Circuit
Barry W. Ashe Vice President for the Fifth Circuit
Glen R. McMurry Vice President for the Sixth Circuit
Melissa N. Schoenbein Vice President for the Seventh Circuit
Adine S. Momoh Vice President for the Eighth Circuit
Laura Conover Vice President for the Ninth Circuit
Daniel W. Lewis Vice President for the Tenth Circuit
Michael S. Vitale Vice President for the Eleventh Circuit
Elizabeth Pugh Vice President for the D.C. Circuit

The names of these candidates will be listed on the Notice of Election that will be distributed to each member in good standing as of June 15, 2018.

Members who have not been nominated for office by the Committee, but who wish to be placed on the ballot for national office, may do so by delivering to Kip T. Bollin, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, at elections@fedbar.org, a petition, including an Application, specifying the office being sought and bearing the required number of signatures, i.e., fifty (50) signatures for national offices; twenty (20) signatures for vice presidents for the circuits by members within the respective circuit. No member shall be eligible as an endorser of a petition whose dues are not paid for the current fiscal year or who is not otherwise in good standing. Each petition may propose nominees for one or more offices; however, in no event shall any member be eligible as an endorser of more than one candidate for the same office. Petitions must be received by 5:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

Notice of Election, Ballots and Voting
In accordance with Bylaw 6(D), by June 15, 2018, the Committee shall cause a Notice of Election to be sent to each member of the Association in good standing. The notice shall list the names of all nominated candidates and candidates by petition in alphabetical order under each elective office. The notice also shall contain such instructions as necessary for members to cast their votes as prescribed by policy adopted by the Board of Directors. A suspended member who is restored to good standing after the transmittal of the notice and who, prior to the election's close, delivers to the Committee evidence of good standing, shall thereupon be entitled to vote. In an uncontested election, the Association shall only send the Notice of Election electronically to members.

The ballot shall contain the names of all nominated candidates and candidates by petition for each elective office as well as space for a write-in candidate for each elective office. Completed ballots shall be received by the Chair of the Committee or by such person as designed by the Chair no later than June 30. The Committee shall review and certify the tabulated votes and report as elected the candidate for each office who has received a plurality of the votes cast for that office by July 1.

Kip Bollin
2018 Nominations and Elections Committee Chair


FBA Application for National Office


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