20K x 2020 Chapter Challenge

What is the 20K x 2020 Chapter Challenge?

The Challenge is a friendly chapter v. chapter competition to

  • - Grow your chapter’s membership by at least 10% by February 29, 2020
  • - Earn cash and non-cash prizes
  • - Be recognized at the FBA Centennial Gala event at next year’s Leadership Summit to be held in March 2020

How Does it Work?

Challenge start date: June 1, 2019

Challenge end date: February 29, 2020

Challenge goal: Grow individual chapter membership by a minimum of 10% (net new members)

Challenge prizes:

  • - First prize awarded to the chapter that achieves the greatest nominal increase in membership = $2,020
  • -  Second prize awarded to the chapter that achieves the second greatest nominal increase in membership = $1,000
  • -  Third prize awarded to the chapter that achieves the second greatest nominal increase in membership = $500  
  • -  Monthly, non-cash prizes. Stay tuned for details!

To track your success, you will be provided a New Member Recruitment Log (Excel format) to be completed and submitted to Anthony Jones at ajones@fedbar.org on the first of the month for the prior month’s activity for example, July 1st for the month of June.

How Can We Win?

There really is no secret sauce to winning the 20K x 2020 Chapter Challenge except to have fun! We recommend you undertake your usual steps of building awareness in your local area to connect with and recruit new members. As part of the Challenge, consider adding new events, targeting new and different member prospects, and leveraging new communications channels like LinkedIn and Twitter to supplement your ongoing recruitment efforts. A few thought starters include:

  • -  Create a Chapter Centennial Celebration Committee
  • -  Launch a Chapter Board Challenge where Board members compete to recruit new FBA members 
  • -  Reach out to former FBA members whose memberships have lapsed over the past five years with an offer to rejoin (FBA staff will provide these lists via a link to a Dropbox folder)
  • -  Host events that showcase the FBA’s upcoming Centennial and encourage existing members to bring colleagues who are not members to learn about the FBA and experience first-hand the value of being part of our dynamic community
  • -  Offer discounted event and CLE program pricing for non-members if they join the FBA this year
  • -  Partner with local law schools and law firms to co-host an event just for summer associates; offer firm-sponsored law student memberships and access to the Young Lawyer’s Division (YLD) as perks


Monthly Challenges

  • - June: Foundation for Success
    Chapters must submit the three requested foundational documents by June 30.

  • - July: Reunited, and it feels so good!
    Chapters that acquire the most re-joins from among your lapsed members will receive five (5) FBA paper weights. Chapters have used these as gifts to speakers or outgoing leaders.

  • - August: Happy Re-New Year!
    The monthly prize will go to the Chapter with the highest percentage of renewals converted in the month of August. Chapters will use their monthly member lists to reach out to recently-expired or soon-to-be expired members, and encourage them to renew for another year. The prize for this Monthly Challenge is four (4) FBA Executive Journals.

  • - September: School Spirit!
    The chapter that acquires the most law student joins from September 1 to October 31 will receive five (5) FBA baseball caps to display their FBA spirit wherever they go.

  • - October: Wicked Awesome Challenge!
    Chapters have the month of October to bring in as much national dues revenue as possible (indeed, Joins from the overlapping student member challenge are eligible as long as those Joins are from 10/1 to 10/31).

    The prize for the October Wicked Awesome Challenge is two (2) award plaques, which can be bestowed to speakers and achievers in your chapter.

    Remember, membership categories vary in cost based on Years in Practice; refer to your Easy Membership Applications found in the Portal.
  • - November Challenge: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
    The November Challenge is: “The Gift that Keeps on Giving”… Chapters have the month of November to finish strong and bring in as many SUSTAINING MEMBERS as possible since July 1, 2019. National will tally all “xSM” memberships that joined or renewed from 7/1 to 11/30/2019. Sustaining memberships are available to all Professional Membership categories; these premium memberships benefit the organization by giving more support to programming and initiatives, while members receive a 5% discount on member-rate registration fees for all national meetings and national CLE events (in addition to getting recognized in the magazine).

    The prize for the November Challenge is three (3) FBA pen sets, which can be bestowed to speakers and achievers in your chapter.

    FBASAVE20 promo *can* be used for NEW JOIN sustaining memberships, but cannot be used for renewals

  • - December Challenge: Package Deal 
    The December Challenge is: “Package Deal”… Chapters have the month of November and December to bring in members in conjunction with an event. Chapters have been getting creative about creating special registration rates with a membership component for their signature events – for example: registration might cost $250 for non-members, but registration is only $100 when you join the FBA at time of registration.
    These last few weeks of the calendar year offer many opportunities to bring together members and non-members – good luck!

    The prize for the December Challenge is eight (8) FBA baseball caps!

    FBASAVE20 promo *can* be built into event registration membership packages – make sure to check your math!

What Resources Are Available?

FBA National Staff, with input and support from our National Membership Committee and Centennial Celebration Committee, will be developing marketing tools and templates, drafting sample content, and offering communication tips to make the 20K x 2020 Chapter Challenge fun and successful. Over the next few weeks you will have access to:

  • -  The FBA Centennial logo artwork
  • -  Monthly themes to support your local marketing campaigns and events
  • -  Email templates
  • -  Call scripts
  •  Dropbox folder with mail lists for email and direct marketing
  • -  Streamlined, one-sided FBA Membership Application to use at events and CLE programs
  • -  Honorary Membership nomination form where Chapters nominate a judge to become a lifetime member of the FBA
  • -  Signage to display at events to promote FBASAVE20 discount (20% off National dues)
  • -  Success stories from around the FBA to use in event welcome remarks, newsletters, and email outreach

Who Should We Contact With Questions?
Please reach out to Anthony Jones via email at ajones@fedbar.org with any questions about the 20K x 2020 Chapter Challenge.


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