FBA National Elections Nominations and Elections Procedure

Pursuant to Article V, Section 3, of the FBA Constitution there are two ways for members to be listed on the ballot for a national office position.

  • By nomination of the Nominations and Elections Committee
  • By petition, a candidate for President-Elect, Treasurer, or Director must be endorsed by not less than 50 members in good standing, and a candidate for Vice President for the Circuit must be endorsed by not less than 20 members in good standing of chapters and/or members at large in that particular circuit.
Under Article V, Section 2, of the FBA Constitution, all members of the association, whose dues are paid for the current fiscal year and who otherwise are in good standing, are eligible for elective office when they meet the qualifications for the specific position.

National Office Positions elected each year are as follows:
  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • 4 Directors
  • One Vice President for each of the 12 circuits
Members interested in being nominated for office by the Nominations and Elections Committee shall so indicate by letter of nomination to the Chair of that Committee. The letter shall specify the office for which the nomination is sought, the experience of the member in FBA activities, and such other information as may, in the judgment of the member, be of assistance to the committee in making its choice.

The committee shall nominate one or more members in good standing for each of the elective offices specified above and shall announce its nominees by April 1, by notifying all applicants thereof, and by publishing the nominees’ names and offices sought in The Federal Lawyer.

Members who have not been nominated for office by the Nominations and Elections Committee, but who wish to be placed on the ballot for national office, may do so by delivering to the Committee Chair, at the association office, a petition specifying the office being sought and bearing the required number of signatures.


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